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Software (mostly freeware and portable) reviews.
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LastPass — website password manager browser, password, security
Vivaldi browser — Opera is dead, long live Opera browser, opera
StayFocusd — Chrome extension to block distractions
pzizz — sleep and nap helper app health, naps, android
LICEcap — simple GIF recorder gif, image, screenshot
SourceTree — layer of comfort for version control git, github, mercurial
ManicTime — computer time tracking software time, portable, tracking
Stylish — browser extension for adjusting CSS chrome, css, firefox, slack
BitTorrent Sync — peer to peer file sync folder, sync, torrent
f.lux - make display more comfortable at night color, display
Winsplit Revolution - window size and position control display
RapidEE - editor for environment variables editor, path, windows
MailStore Home - email backup tool backup, email, gmail, imap
Google Refine for messy data cleanup data, google, google-refine
Rainmeter - flexible desktop widget framework portable, desktop, ini, widget
S3 Browser - portable client for Amazon S3 portable
HeidiSQL - portable and feature rich MySQL client portable, mysql
Best of three years best, list
PHPStorm [software worth buying] php, phpstorm, worthbuying
Cleaning up computer before giving away data, clean, notebook, privacy
DriveLetterView helps make sense of disk letters drive, nirsoft
NirLauncher – complete set of Nirsoft utilities nirsoft, launcher, sysinternals
Revisiting Opera tabs techniques browser, opera, tab, interface
Subdue autorun via command line with WhatInStartup nirsoft, autorun, command-line
Uniform Server – portable WAMP stack php, server, mysql, apache
Fix “This Operation Has Been Cancelled” error when launching applications security, windows, malware, registry, troubleshoot
Opera 11 gets extension add-ons browser, opera, plugin, extension
When freeware runs out of free rss-feeds, google-reader, feeddemon, freeware
Apache Logs Viewer – specialized logs tool server, log, apache, viewer
Photology – image viewer with advanced search image, color, wallpaper, search
iWisoft Free Video Converter convert, video
Tweak FileHippo Update Checker filehippo, settings, tweak, update
Klok – simple project hours tracking time, track
Ketarin can now install software silent, install, ketarin, setup
LangOver – fixes text typed in wrong layout keyboard, layout, text
Fix or tune downloads handling in Opera opera, file, download, fix
Do repetitive text edits with Notepad++ macro edit, text, automation, notepadpp
SmartSniff – simple packet capture utility nirsoft, network, tcp
PrtScr – cute and streamlined screenshot tool screenshot, skribit
Deploy large files over LAN with torrent deploy, torrent, download, network, hfs, lan, psexec, utorrent
Faster than Speed Dial – customizing Opera main bar opera, bookmark, tweak
ImageSorter – old utility for rare color sort functionality image, color, wallpaper
Easy remote command line console in Windows command-line, psexec, console, remote
WinMerge – file and directory comparison tool comparison, file
RegFileExport – CLI utility for offline registry access nirsoft, command-line, registry
Remove descriptions from Opera bookmarks opera, bookmark, findstr, optimize
LockHunter – manages locked files, folders and drives file, drive, directory
Tabbles – non-standard take on file management file, document, manager
WriteMonkey – portable darkroom text editor editor, text
SEO Doctor Firefox extension – solid on-page check browser, plugin, firefox, seo
Precisely log network ports used with Wireshark port, network, lan
Is it time to move browser tabs to the right? browser, opera, tab, tweak
Panda Cloud Antivirus – slim compact solution malware, antivirus, cloud
Best of two years best, list
On Demand Plugin mode – native flashblock in Opera opera, java, plugin, flash, block
Ad block in Opera – boldly native feature browser, opera, block, filter
Monitor Asset Manager (MonInfo) – display info tool display, information, monitor
FeedDemon and Google Reader – best feed reading ever? rss-feeds, google, google-reader, feeddemon
“Access denied” error when installing service pack windows, error, troubleshoot, update
MWSnap – old but useful screenshot tool screenshot, portable
CrystalDiskMark – simple read/write drive benchmark performance, drive, benchmark, crystal
Ultimate Boot CD – LiveCD for hardware diags and more linux, boot, livecd
Lubuntu – light Ubuntu Linux derivative chrome, linux, ubuntu
Inkscape – free and open source vector image editor image, editor, inkscape
NetSetMan – app for quick changes of network settings settings, network, lan, wifi
Speccy – basic system info tool from Piriform portable, information
Rainlendar – convenient and skinnable calendar app google, calendar, plan
TigerVNC – TightVNC fork and alternative server, remote, tightvnc, vnc
Regex Coach – test bed for regular expressions text, regexp, test
Emsisoft (a-squared) Anti-Malware portable portable, command-line, malware, antivirus, virus
Google Sync Services with Nokia smartphone sync, google, nokia
RegFromApp – simple registry monitor nirsoft, registry, monitor
Prepping for diploma project php, list, spam
Kaspersky GetSystemInfo utility and site information, kaspersky, system
Sikuli – amazing visual automation script engine image, automation
NetResView – helper utility for shared folders windows, nirsoft, network, share
LogLady – rough but useful log viewer log, viewer, text, filter
AnalogX DLL Archive – libraries cleanup tool file, search, analogx, archive, cleanup, dll
Prepare to wrestle computer issues unprepared file, command-line, troubleshoot, fix, remote, dropbox
Software Informer – updates monitor update, monitor, check
SecondShell – window manipulation app windows, hotkey, sizer
TeamViewer – functional remote access tool file, remote, access, chat, presentation
Ultimate Opera bookmark techniques opera, bookmark, hotkey, shortcut
Open Hardware Monitor – quick efficient PC health check monitor, speed, temperature
Give yourself a backup drill backup, file, dropbox
Total Commander [software worth buying] file, worthbuying, viewer, manager, archive, ftp
LabelControl – universal keyboard usage speedup keyboard, hotkey
Pre-archived server backup via SFTP/SSH with WinSCP backup, sftp, winscp
SpyDLL Remover – specialized library files lookup app malware, dll, portableapps, removal
Best sync and backup routines guidelines sync, backup, best, list, ketarin, cloud, archive, dropbox, syncexp
TweakNow PowerPack 2009 – tweaker and utility pack tweak, optimize, bundle
CrystalDiskInfo – cutting edge drive information tool monitor, crystal, graph, smart
WinSCP – file manager for secure transfers file, notepadpp, remote, ftp, sftp, winscp
Firefox add-ons for web development browser, javascript, plugin, css, firefox, pagespeed, yslow, firebug, html, validate
Network Stuff – extensive multi-functional utility network, lan, test, ping
SIW – small and portable system info utility portable, troubleshoot, report
Troubleshoot blank desktop (explorer.exe didn’t start) windows, desktop, troubleshoot, microsoft
View Microsoft Excel files with native free app office, viewer, microsoft, excel
Make Opera custom search site-aware with JavaScript opera, javascript, google, bookmarklet, search
Test and choose DNS server that performs best for you comparison, google, test, ip
QuotePad – simple and efficient notes app portable, notes
Plugins in Opera browser, opera, plugin, troubleshoot
DiskSmartView – easy app to see SMART attributes drive, nirsoft, smart
Native tool to install Windows 7 from flash drive windows, flash, install, microsoft, iso
FeedDemon gets native tool to filter feed content rss-feeds, feed, feeddemon, filter
PNotes – advanced desktop notes app portable, portableapps, notes
MDownloader – download manager for file hosting sites hosting, file, download, manager
ServiWin – services and drivers utility nirsoft, manager, boot, driver, service
FreeCommander – semi-classic file manager portable, file, manager, portableapps
Common browser experience browser, opera, chrome, firefox, interface, internetexplorer
Search and open links in Opera opera, search, download, link
Measure file read/write speed with LAN Speed Test file, network, lan, benchmark, read, speed, test, write
xp-AntiSpy – Windows security and privacy tweaker security, windows, privacy, registry, tweak
SearchMyFiles – flexible files and their duplicates search file, nirsoft, command-line, search, duplicate
Simple spreadsheet to track your budget excel, openoffice, spreadsheet
Nero DiscSpeed – optical drives and discs test drive, media, disc, nero, storage
Find and fix broken DirectShow filters with Filmerit fix, media, filter, codec, directx
Abyss X1 – light and easy to manage HTTP web server php, server, http
osalt.com – directory of open source software search, opensource
NetBeans IDE for PHP development php, java, editor, sun
SUPERAntiSpyware Online (portable) portable, scanner, malware
UltraVNC – free solution for encrypted remote access server, remote, vnc, access
Texter – text replacement and spell check tool text, lifehacker
Run web app in dedicated window of Firefox or Chrome chrome, firefox, google, interface, tweak, wave, mozilla
inSSIDer – powerful Wi-Fi scanner utility network, wifi, wireless
Simplify software installations with silent routines deploy, portable, silent, install, ketarin, setup, robocopy, 7zip
Use search engines faster in Opera opera, interface, search, tweak
JPerf – graphical interface wrapper for Iperf command-line, network, lan, test, bandwidth, iperf
Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector – radar for wireless access points troubleshoot, network, wifi, wireless
Stress test your video card with FurMark and GPU-Z benchmark, test
Parted Magic – LiveCD partition manager and more linux, livecd, iso, partition, recovery
SpecialFoldersView shows all system folders folder, windows, nirsoft, organize
PDFCreator – virtual printer to create documents document, office, pdf, print, convert
Troubleshoot media issues with Codec Tweak Tool troubleshoot, video, tweak, media, codec, klite
Spread controls over multiply PCs with Input Director keyboard, network, mouse
Brooks Younce Duplicate File Finder – light portable utility file, search, cleanup, duplicate
AnalogX LinkExaminer – flexible link spider link, seo, analogx, check
Roadkil Disk Speed – test with breakdown by block size drive, benchmark, read, test, roadkil
HijackThis – unofficial standard for startup entries log log, autorun, malware, hijack
CrossLoop – remote access and support software remote, tightvnc, vnc, access, support
Make Windows services auto-restart if closed windows, log, console, service
Auslogics Task Manager Portable (what it says) file, viewer, manager, service, process
How to modify images in bulk with IrfanView image, irfanview
qliner hotkeys - hotkey manager made the right way manager, hotkey, shortcut
EjectUSB – customizable unmount helper portable, external, usb
Dia – portable and easy to use diagram software portable, portableapps, gtk, softperfect
Install or update K-Lite media codecs in single click silent, command-line, video, settings, setup, codec, klite
InfraRecorder – simple and efficient app to burn discs portable, portableapps, disc, burning
How to organize setup packages sync, file, update, setup, directory, organize
MySQL Query Browser – native tool for databases browser, mysql, query, viewer, sun
LogViewer Pro – light and fast text viewer for logs log, troubleshoot, filter, universal-viewer
1by1 – tiny and portable mp3 audio player portable, music, audio, mp3, player
Explore yummy cache of Opera alternate download browser, opera, torrent, download, archive, ftp
FreeFileSync – spiffy sync app portable, sync, file, command-line, automation
Remove and fix Layered Service Provider (LSP) entries fix, network, winsock
AVZ Antiviral Toolkit – advanced scanner and manager scanner, malware, manager, antivirus, kaspersky
Calibrize – monitor color calibration tool display, tweak, tft
Miro – exercise in media convergence rss-feeds, torrent, download, media, player
Figure out svchost.exe with svchost Viewer viewer, service, process
ClipX – minimalistic clipboard manager copy, manager, clipboard
How to restore system file from Windows disc windows, command-line, console, system, recovery
Imagine – nice (but is it interesting?) image viewer image, viewer, skribit, image-viewer
Secunia OSI – fast in-browser software security check browser, security, update, secunia
Set up family computer for Internet browser, opera, windows, email, remote, antivirus, dropbox, ccleaner, mydefrag
FreeProxy – complex proxy server software for LAN server, network, lan, proxy
PicPick Tools – best screenshot tool candidate image, screenshot, portable
ComboFix – last resort against malware command-line, malware, antivirus
Local install of Windows Recovery Console windows, command-line, fix, console, recovery
RegScanner – search app for Windows registry scanner, nirsoft, registry, search
Tweak Opera for large amount of tabs browser, opera, tab, interface, tweak
AnySQL Maestro – powerful SQL and data manager data, mysql, excel, database, sql, sqlite
Snowbird – stupidly simple and fast file manager file, network, manager, explorer
Fix for sudden hard or CD/DVD drive slowdown windows, drive, fix
MyDefrag – new (still single click) version of JkDefrag portable, drive, optimize, mydefrag, defragmentation, jkdefrag
Patch Windows XP half-open connections limit torrent, windows, network, tcp, microsoft, p2p
HDDScan – hard drive surface test and benchmark drive, benchmark, test
What software are you looking for? list, search, comment
Easily cut and trim MP3 files with mp3DirectCut portable, editor, sound, mp3
Best portable, best, list, freeware
Asus Express Gate – fast OS or useless toy? firefox, linux, asus
Change interface language in auto-detecting GTK apps command-line, console, inkscape, gtk
Q10 – portable dark place for writing portable, editor, blog, text, write
OpenOffice.org (plus portable) java, editor, pdf, openoffice, spreadsheet, sun, database
Use System File Checker (SFC) without disc windows, registry, troubleshoot, microsoft
USBDeview – USB viewer and manager utility performance, nirsoft, viewer, manager, test, storage, usb
Developer's Tips&Tricks (DTT) – code snippet manager programming, manager, snippet, notes
Browser memory benchmark (plus lies and damn lies) browser, opera, firefox, benchmark, autoit, ghacks
Readers suggest – best SQLite tools digest data, viewer, suggestion, database, sqlite
Opera Unite – are browsers out of feature ideas? browser, opera, server
Automate network pings with PingInfoView nirsoft, network, lan, ping
Disable Opera menu bar for extra screen space browser, opera, tweak, menu
Make PHP code self-explaining with PHPXref php, yoast
FTPpie – analyze space storage usage on FTP file, ftp, storage, analyze, space
Q-Dir – Windows Explorer on steroids portable, windows, file, manager, explorer
Three kinds of software I totally don’t get desktop, file, copy, manager, clipboard
Google Page Speed vs Yahoo YSlow comparison, google, optimize, benchmark, pagespeed, yslow, firebug, yahoo
Easily find duplicate image files with VisiPics comparison, image, file, duplicate
Edit Opera context menu for cool tricks with links opera, javascript, ini, tweak, menu
SQLite Expert Personal – light database manager tool manager, database, sql, sqlite
Convert PDF to text with free version of PDFZilla pdf, convert, text, skribit
MoWeS – excellent portable WAMP web server stack php, server, portable, mysql, apache
Fixing Windows XP shutdown problems windows, troubleshoot, driver, shutdown
Should software be rated? comparison
SpaceSniffer – new take on treemap finding space hogs portable, file, drive, space, treemap
30 overused software naming techniques list, humor, hype
How to schedule file move or delete on reboot file, sysinternals, registry, locked
Use Colour Contrast Analyzer to ensure text is readable color, text, read, w3c
MyEventViewer – alternative utility for Windows logs windows, log, nirsoft, viewer
Which software developers bloggers like developer, trust, blog, choice
Stream and share media with UPnP server/player setup server, lan, media, share, wireless, stream, player
Encode WAV to MP3 with LameDropXPd convert, mp3
NexusFont – powerful and portable font manager viewer, font
Install multiply Internet Explorer versions with Collection browser, windows, microsoft, internetexplorer
How to choose image editor that is right for you comparison, image, screenshot, editor, irfanview, paintnet
Two sites (and one app) to figure out file extensions comparison, file, extension
Balsamiq Mockups – fast interface sketching software interface, design
Software, service and why neither will win service
Samurize – flexible system monitor with DIY interface performance, monitor
NetWorx – free portable network traffic monitor traffic, network, monitor, bandwidth, softperfect
eMule – remnant of old school ed2k file sharing file, share, p2p
Mikogo – remote access and presentation service server, remote, access, presentation
Everything – fast and powerful file search utility portable, freeware, search
Get most out of network connection with TCP Optimizer registry, tweak, network, tcp, optimize
Secunia PSI – deep app updates and security scanner security, update, monitor, secunia
How to fix broken drive icons in explorer registry, troubleshoot, fix, icon, explorer
TimeSentry utility for time and date management date, time, portable
NetLimiter Monitor keeps precise traffic statistics traffic, monitor, bandwidth
Add RSS support to HTTP File Server (HFS) rss-feeds, server, file, hfs, http, xml
How to change MAC address with MacMakeUp network, mac
Glary Utilities – traditional all-in-one package registry, fix, cleanup, bundle
Revisiting Dropbox and extra space for new users sync, file, share, dropbox, collaborate
Easy access to Windows utilities with XPSysPad windows, launcher
Fixing home page settings hijack in Opera browser, opera, malware, troubleshoot, hijack
TrueCrypt helps you hide files and pretend you didn’t file, skribit, xkcd
Determine file activity of an app with ProcessActivityView file, nirsoft, troubleshoot, monitor, process
Easy Internet connection sharing with AnalogX Proxy lan, share, analogx, proxy, internet
BatteryBar – notebook battery meter done right notebook, monitor
Learn to rule the universe or at least SQL sql, sqlite, tutorial
Are you prepared for computer meltdown? opera, portable, sync, troubleshoot, feeddemon, dropbox, newsgator
Internet Maniac networking utility network, ping, ip, mac
How to fix “Failed to install catalog files” error windows, error, troubleshoot, update, cleanup, microsoft
Flashblock for Opera opera, javascript, plugin, css, flash, tweak, adobe
Twitter clients (and why they suck) api, opera, twitter, skribit
Remote access to PC with TightVNC server, remote, tightvnc, vnc
Revisiting Wakoopa to track my regular software list, skribit, monitor, wakoopa
How to fix JavaScript in Internet Explorer browser, javascript, windows, internetexplorer
No way out increases RSS productivity opera, rss-feeds, feeddemon, productivity, newsgator
Paint.COM image editor (Paint.NET wannabe?) image, edit, skribit, paintnet
Defragment locked system files with PageDefrag file, system, defragmentation, locked
Excellent programming cheat sheets from AddedBytes.com cheatsheet, programming, reference
Best guide for Windows performance optimization performance, windows, tweak, microsoft
How to cleanup viruses hijacking executables sysinternals, registry, antivirus, virus, autoruns
Comodo Firewall and why you need one security, malware, freeware, antivirus, firewall
How to use custom icon for flash drive image, drive, flash, autorun, icon, usb, icofx
Pull online wallpapers with John’s Background Switcher rss-feeds, image, wallpaper, eyecandy, johnsbackgroundswitcher
Basics of cross-platform software java, comparison, linux, skribit, framework
How to calculate best BitTorrent settings torrent, settings, tweak, calculator
What makes good software portal comparison, filehippo, download, portal, snapfiles, softpedia
Create perfect environment for notes in WikidPad portable, text, wiki, wikidpad
AcmeFiles.com – emerging (probably) software portal file, filehippo, download, portal
Look up all files in use with OpenedFilesView file, nirsoft, monitor
Fix it – Microsoft tackles Knowledge Base usability registry, microsoft, fixit
Fennec – mobile Firefox with big ears browser, firefox, nokia, mozilla, fennec, maemo, microb, n810
Free Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool antivirus, kaspersky
How to poke Ubuntu linux, skribit, livecd, ubuntu, iso, virtualbox
Fixing network connectivity with WinSock Fix network, lan, winsock
End of year digest 2008 digest
Screenshoting for blog – creating guidelines image, screenshot, sizer
Parting ways with Woopra java, blog, analytics, woopra
Screenshoting for blog – edit and compress image, screenshot, edit, irfanview, paintnet, compress
Looking inside media files with MediaInfo video, media, analyze, audio
Speed dialing sites in Opera opera, tweak, hotkey
7-Zip – archiving the open source way file, archive, 7zip, compress
Opera@CD – specialized portable distribution opera, portable, livecd
Fixing Windows Live Writer errors php, log
Advanced troubleshooting with Process Monitor sysinternals, freeware, monitor
LaptopVideo2go.com – resource on notebook drivers notebook, download, driver, forum
Testing storage performance with HD_Speed performance, portable, drive, test, storage
Host your own p2p network with YnHub server, share, p2p
Process Explorer – best software and system monitor performance, sysinternals, freeware, monitor
Quick ‘n Easy FTP Server Lite server, portable, file, share, ftp
NewsGator family of RSS readers rss-feeds, feeddemon, mobile, nokia, opml, newsgator, synchronize
WhyReboot shows pending file operations file, registry
All in one media playback with VLC video, media, player
Different software from same developer – trust or not? comparison, trust, search
Ketarin - keeps setup packages updated update, ketarin, setup
Converting YouTube (or not) with Any Video Converter convert, video, youtube
Foxit Reader - alternative PDF viewer portable, pdf, viewer, reader, adobe
Creating disk images with DriveImage XML image, drive, partition, xml
Backup of FTP server with Cobian Backup sync, backup, file, freeware, ftp
DrWeb LiveCD – free bootable antivirus linux, antivirus, livecd, drweb
Edit files on FTP with Notepad++ plugin plugin, editor, text, notepadpp, ftp, synchronize
Preventing downloading from hindering browsing torrent, file, download, utorrent, bandwidth, fdm
Moving, creating and even pressing Opera buttons browser, opera, interface
Recovering Windows logon passwords with Ophcrack password, security, registry, livecd, hash
Universal Extractor 1.6 final released freeware, archive, trid, universal-extractor, unpack
Universal Viewer – fast viewer for multiply types of media image, portable, viewer, text, media, universal-viewer
Most customizable file sync with SyncEXP portable, sync, file, syncexp
What is horizontal scroll missing (fixed in Opera) browser, opera, interface, update
Being programmer is tough text
Mapping stuff in PersonalBrain java
Filling forms fast in Opera browser, opera, snippet, notes
PowerToy Calculator – when Microsoft gets things right freeware, calculator, microsoft
AutoRuns - handles software and driver startup entries portable, sysinternals, autorun, freeware, autoruns
Free Download Manager portable, torrent, file, freeware, download, manager, fdm
Roadkil – light and freeware utilities portable, freeware, roadkil
Universal Extractor – came, identified, unpacked freeware, archive, trid, universal-extractor, unpack
Copying from damaged media with Unstoppable Copier portable, file, copy, freeware, roadkil
Determining file type with TrID portable, file, command-line, extension, freeware, trid
What lies between uninstaller and antivirus portable, freeware, nokia, removal, nero, revo, uninstall
If browsers were umbrellas browser, opera, chrome, firefox, internet-explorer
VirtualBox for your pet Linux linux, ubuntu, sun, virtualbox
Dropbox drops invites sync, file, share, dropbox
12 things portable software won't do portable, list
Looking for disk space hogs with WinDirStat portable, drive, freeware, space, treemap
ClearType, install4j and case of Java bug java, woopra
Google Chrome is not a browser browser, chrome, google
CCleaner - ultimate[ly popular] cleaning tool portable, clean, registry, freeware, ccleaner
Easy hash tricks portable, freeware, dropbox, hash, virustotal
USB Disk Ejector for unplugging external media portable, flash, freeware
External post on Hexagora Performance Monitor portable, freeware, monitor, freewaregenius, external, tinyresmeter
JkDefrag - single click defragmentation portable, freeware, defragmentation, jkdefrag
5 reasons you should use plain text to save your data data, text, group-writing, save
Looking at LAN - Angry IP Scanner Vs SoftPerfect Network Scanner comparison, portable, scanner, freeware, network, ghacks, softperfect
K-Lite Codec Pack - complete solution for video playback freeware, video, bundle, codec, klite, player
Temperature and noise management with SpeedFan fan, noise, freeware, monitor, temperature, speedfan
Mouse hotkeys in Opera browser, opera, mouse, hotkey
Getting rid of software with Revo Uninstaller portable, freeware, revo, uninstall
Sharing files with HTTP File Server server, portable, file, freeware, hfs, share, http
Screenshoting for blog - making a shot screenshot, portable, freeware, video, icon, icofx
Customizing tray clock with AlfaClock freeware, calendar
HTML validators and case of broken link comparison, html, validate, w3c, xhtml
uTorrent - THE BitTorrent client rss-feeds, portable, torrent, freeware, utorrent
External post on hard drives and SpeedFan drive, smart, ghacks, external, speedfan
Choosing portable antivirus - ClamWin Vs CureIt! comparison, portable, freeware, antivirus, portableapps, drweb, cureit
Screenshoting for blog - choosing image format image, screenshot, format
Common frameworks you may want installed java, flash, directx, framework
CDBurnerXP - what you need (without what you don't) for burning discs portable, freeware, burning
FlashFolder - steroids for Open/Save dialogs freeware, save
Troubleshooting with TinyResMeter portable, troubleshoot, freeware, monitor, tinyresmeter
AutoIt - programming kept simple programming, automation, autoit
Enabling tab preview in Opera browser, opera, tweak
SmartStartMenu - launcher the way it should be launcher, freeware
Notepad++ - multipurpose text editor portable, editor, freeware, text, notepadpp, scintilla
3D modeling with Google SketchUp google, freeware
Delete locked files - Unlocker Vs FileASSASSIN comparison, portable, freeware, delete
Purging bad bookmarks with AM-DeadLink opera, portable, firefox, bookmark, freeware, check, am-deadlink, internet-explorer
Saving browsing bandwidth - is Opera alone enough? opera, firefox, proxy, bandwidth
Scintilla - secret recipe of good text editors editor, scintilla
Undelete Plus - undelete plus... just undelete portable, recovery
IrfanView - "splashed cat" image viewer image, portable, freeware, irfanview, image-viewer
FileHippo.com - slim software portal filehippo, update, download, portal
Learning to bookmark with Opera browser, opera, bookmark, tweak, guide
Optimizing blog with YSlow optimize, yslow, yahoo
Look inside your computer with PC Wizard portable, troubleshoot, freeware, benchmark, report
PortableApps.com - portable freeware apps set portable, firefox, launcher, portableapps, openoffice
Dropbox Beta Review (and invites give-away) sync, files, share, dropbox
App worthy to watch your connections - TCPView Vs CurrPorts comparison, nirsoft, sysinternals, network
www.NirSoft.net - impressive set of freeware utilities nirsoft
Combining psexec and iperf for CLI measuring LAN bandwidth sysinternals, psexec, iperf, ghacks, pskill
Sysinternals - freeware admin-related utilities set sysinternals, psexec, pskill
How to deal with aging software reviews? rss-feeds, update, feature
Opera 9.51 - cute underdog of browser wars? browser, opera, internet