• Well I have never had this problem before but it is always good to know. Thanks for the share!

  • Wow just wow. Those situations are only fun when its not your own computer. :D

  • @Salwa

    No problems. :) I like to share troublesooting stuff, it can be pretty cool.


    It’s no fun with other computer because you know what you had broken most of the time. :) No challenge.

  • Len

    I don’t have the “drivericons” in explorer


  • @Len

    Could you provide bit more details about situation? Currently I have two rather different versions. :)

    1. Your icons are not changed. That registry folder only appears if it is used, not there by default (no need).

    2. Your icon are changed with other method. Look for autorun.inf or desktop.ini files in drive root. Those might be hidden so you’ll have to enable showing hidden files in Explorer or use decent file manager.

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