• Rush

    Good read, Rarst. I drove myself crazy when I was first trying to figure out the s/u installs. After finally getting all the commands down for the different installers, I torpedoed the whole endeavor.
    The main thing I found in these silent installs is that sometimes, not always, there is no option to install without the bs add-ons like yahoo toolbar or avoid homepage switching, etc. For me, it’s easier to talk someone through the next> situation than answer the phone at 2am because my Mom cant figure out what happened to her homepage.
    U/S installs are great for large deployment packages and operators with some level of skill, but my bright idea to use them as a package installer for the non tech savvy….. not so much.

  • @Rush

    Yeah, giving this setup to family probably won’t work too well. :)

    For remote stuff I am thinking about addition of fetching files from my HFS file server so I can connect to remote PC with CrossLoop, launch install routine and keep an eye on it.

    For home page hijacks I encountered by chance cool Opera super setup that is great for settings lockdown.

  • Reynold

    Nice one Rarst, kinda got a idea that ill be able to make my own silent package installer… im working with lots of computers and it sucks to install all the same things. Cheers mate!

  • @Reynold

    I am not dealing with large quantities of computers lately, but for myself I integrated quite a bit of silent stuff with Ketarin for some realyl seamless install and updates. For many apps feels close to that Linux experience when you just say it to update and it does it like magic.

  • May

    picasa 3.8 install /S /L did install but the windows installer help screen keep popping up, have to click OK for the install to complete. Is there any option that will stop the installer help screen from popping up?

    Thank you.

  • @May

    Sorry, no idea. Quick search doesn’t find any new keys for Picasa – same /S /L are being recommended.

  • try soft2base. It contains picasa 3.9 ans most softwares named here. You can install silently (or not), select languages etc. Its list is kept up to date so that you don’t need to re-download the exe each time.

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