Auslogics Task Manager Portable (what it says)

auslogics_task_manager_icon I have issue with task managers – it is called Process Explorer. Whatever specific task manager does it is safe bet that Process Explorer does more and better.

I had updated version for Auslogics Task Manager at Appnews some time ago (Martin had posted about it at ghacks) and downloaded to check out at leisure. So here it is – task manager /viewer/security tool blend.

What it does

App is task manager that adds management for few related things, simple performance monitor and security assessment.


Interface is light and streamlined with fixed sidebar and classic multi-column info area. Sidebar shows info and available actions for selected item. Functions are convenient but limited to basics.

App is also very happy to send you off to File Inspect Library site that acts as encyclopedia for trustworthiness ratings in interface.

Strong features

  • acts as consolidated process, service and open files viewer;
  • shows safety indicators for known processes (had no dangerous stuff ready to check how it treats that :) ;
  • fast access to relevant system utilities from Tools menu;


Auslogics Task Manager feels like Process Explorer, Opened Files View and Unlocker mixed, boiled and limited to single spoon serving. It is a pleasure to use for overview but actual management part is shallow.


Task Manager is not an ultimate tool and doesn’t try to be one. More like non-geek version of more powerful utilities. It may fit into family install, but if you are seriously into this stuff you are better off using serious tools.

Home&download http://www.fileinspect.com/task-manager/

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  • Chocobito #

    I'm those how like more on-geek :) version from this utility, I actually use System Explorer but, do you know more advanced Task Manager replacements?
  • Transcontinental #

    I've tried latest 'Auslogics Task Manager' (installer, not portable) and, be it this latest version as well as previous ones, I can never get the Applications (through View/Applications) to show up! Other panels yes, Applications no... I've notified Auslogics of the problem when asked why removing their software, still waiting for their acknowledgment.
  • Rarst #

    @Chocobito Hadn't I mentioned Process Explorer enough times in post? :) @Transcontinental Applications panel doesn't show much anyway, only those applications that currently have visible windows. As for me it is useless. Again - probably layer of simplicity for those who might be confused thrown into process mess. :)
  • Transcontinental #

    Quite true, Rarst, Applications Panel isn't essential, but nevertheless why doesn't it work? It shows more than applications that currently have visible windows, for instance I run the software Hostsman, and both of its modules appear in Applications Panel in Windows Task Manager ('HostsMan' and 'HostsServer Control Panel'), they do have windows, but hidden.
  • Chocobito #

    @Rarst: Process Explorer, I don't like so much, I mean others advanced task managers replacements.
  • Rarst #

    @Chocobito Sorry, I struggled myself but in the end Process Explorer is ultimate stuff. :) Took me some time to ignore overly technical parts that I have no clue about.
  • The DataRat #

    A rather mundane applet with nothing really unique to recommend it. Have found Vista's native Performance Monitor far more useful and only a little harder to use. http://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/2200/vista_feature_performance_monitor/ The DataRat .
  • Rarst #

    @DataRat Yep, that stuff got much improved in Vista. Not that I use Vista, so have to settle for Process Explorer.
  • Transcontinental #

    I guess most of us are aware of latest "Process Hacker" Process Manager ( http://processhacker.sourceforge.net/ ). This is something, perhaps the most elaborated Process Manager I've encountered, installs on demand as a service, deals deep in the Kernel, has authority on whatever anti-virus as well as nasty nests :) But I'd use 10% of its potential, this is a geek business!
  • Rarst #

    @Transcontinental Bookmarked to check out. :) Will see how it compares to Process Explorer.
  • Transcontinental #

    “Process Hacker” requires .Net Framework 2.0 by the way. Iy is gorgeous, has a stable release but remains in development.