• szekelya

    My favourite CD/DVD burner application.

    AFAIK it is a frontend for the cdburner tool ported from linux, and as such, with a smarter task manager such as process explorer you can even check what command line is used with the current settings you clicked from the GUI.

    It was very comfortable when I had to burn 50+ copies of a CD, as after burning the first disk, content assambled, and settings set from the GUI, I could burn the following 50+ pieces from a terminal window’s command line simply with the UPARROW (command history) + ENTER key combination instead of clicking my way through the gui all the time.

  • @szekelya

    Wow, that’s hardcore. :) I think CDBurnerXP has option for burning multiply copies of disc… Anyway I had no need for years.

    Optical discs are damn unreliable, all those years of supposed storage is complete BS for non-factory self-burned ones.

  • Chocobito

    I use to try Infrarecorder a time, but I make several roster with this, so I continue using CDBurnerXP until Infrarecorder become more stable. Anyway like you say, now I don’t burn many disk ;).

  • @Chocobito

    Ehm, roster?.. :) Woke up in the middle of the night (caught cold) and kinda slow, heh.

    Anyway was it with older version or with recent 0.50?

  • Chocobito

    Eh? I write roster? I mean Coaster, I think, or something like that :D. I have really critical problem with this soft in version 0.49.
    PD: Sorry if I choose weird words sometimes :(

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