• Rush

    This looks pretty cool. I picked up EDraw Max at GOATD, but lost it on my laptop in a restore a while back. It will be nice to have something I can carry on my flash drive to replace it when I’m not at home.
    Nice find man.

  • @Rush

    Yeah, I was quite pleased to find this one. :) Don’t need flowcharts that often so relatively compact and portable solution is great.

  • The DataRat

    Great freeware application for lite diagramming.

  • […] with supervisor so there are no last minute hiccups as usual.going with OpenOffice for most of text;Dia for some flowcharts;or giving Google Docs a spin again, they had announced some cool stuff […]

  • Joe

    I agree that Dia is a nice application but not really set to be a full replacement for Visio. At my work, we’re testing an online application that purports to be a true Visio replacement called LucidChart. Overall very sleek and quite robust. The Visio import feature is nice though they’re still working on the export.

  • @Joe

    No experience with that one, but I think that open source desktop application and online paid (free account seems useless) service are two very different beast to compare.

  • AzDayton

    Funny… Claims to be “Natively Portable”, so I figured I could use it. But the first thing it does is run an installer, and I quote:
    This wizard will guide you through the installation of Dia 0.97.1.
    It is recommended that you close all other applications before starting Setup. This will make it possible to update relevant system files without having to reboot your computer.
    Excuse me? If it’s NATIVELY PORTABLE then it should NOT be messing around with any system files!

  • @AzDayton

    You sure you downloaded portable installer? It’s packaged by PortableApps and is separate from generic one.

    There is also zip package without installer at all.

  • nene

    who developed the DIA??? plss Answer I need it tnks!

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