Easily find duplicate image files with VisiPics

visipics_icon Anyone who had tried to cleanup folder with few thousand images knows how disgustingly complex it is (those who had not can make a guess).

Most of utilities for duplicates search rely on file sizes and binary matches. Doesn’t work for images which can be present in different sizes, formats and even cropped differently.

VisiPics is specialized duplicates search tool that can analyze actual image content for comparisons.

What it does

VisiPics processes folders you specify and searches for groups of duplicate images.


There are few counters that show how fast images are loaded and compared. Loading is only needed once per session and can be used for re-running multiply comparisons with different settings.

Results can be processed manually or VisiPics can make a guess which duplicates are of worse quality by image dimensions and file size.

Strong features

  • excellent performance;
  • makes use of dual-core processors;
  • supports JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PCX, TGA and RAW formats;
  • detects rotated images (good option for photos but much slower);
  • easy (single slider) to control how precise comparisons must be.

Needs and wants

My only gripe is presentation of found images in thin column. When there are lot of those it gets split into pages and is very inconvenient to browse through.


Awesome freeware app that works without installation and gets task done perfectly. Development is slow (around one version a year) but steady and with continuous improvements.

Home http://www.visipics.info/

Download http://www.visipics.info/index.php?title=Download

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  • Niefer #

    Very good program. I tried other programs but VisiPics works much better.
  • Rarst #

    @Niefer Yeah, I also tried several when I was choosing and VisiPics definitely came up best.
  • Jara #

    Unless I'm missing something, it seems useless for more than a small set. It does not show folders, no way to see the folder where the images live. I have folders where files I am working on reside. It is bad to just delete and keep "some" original. Then I have to take a note of it, find it and then copy it back into the "working" directory. Kind of dumb. At a minimum it needs an option to list the folder alongside the files. I have 400 gig worth of graphics. I am sure I even have whole directories that are dupes. It just seems impossible to use this even in a partial solution. I am now running a complete scan just to see how it performs. A 1.5 1/2 full terabyte with 400 gig of images. Working now for One Hour. Gues-ti-mate is 15% complete. So 6hts give or take. It is a stress test. It hasn't choked and running along smoothly. Yeah, the found dupes "pages", which are now up to 55, are going to be tough to manage. A 4mhz 6 core processor with 4 gig of ram (FYI: 3.5 usable due to 32 bit XP OS -moving to Kabuntu 64) It is cool to watch the 6 cores each being used so differently by Visipics. That is a fantastic aspect of Visipics. I just wish it would help me to manage locations.
  • Rarst #

    @Jara It shows full path with folder under image preview when you hover on images. And yes, interface is lacking here and there... But would you prefer to go through 400GB of images by hand? ;)