• WinSCP definitely runs the full gamut as far as functionality, but it can be a bit daunting to a new user.

  • JeeMan

    Been using WinSCP Portable for over a year, and I ditched filezilla and fireftp for this one.

    One other thing: when you log in with winscp, you can have it automatically start a putty window as well on that same server you just connected to. I know, it is a small thing, but I find that useful.

  • Rush

    For my friends, I usually recommend filezilla. For myself, however, I also ditched it about a year or so ago for WinSCP. I like it.

  • @Angelo

    Sure is, took me considerable chukn of evening to get through options for connection, shortcuts, default folders, etc. :) Will be even more fun when I get to scripting.


    I never got to trying FileZilla and now I probably won’t. WinSCP is kind of app that just clicks with me. :)

    btw I think WinSCP is partly based on PuTTY code so integration is natural.

  • Francis

    Yes, I downloaded WinSCP, it works nicely
    Just a short intro for future users:
    To install, download the zip file, unzip, then run the .exe file
    WinSCP is a separate application, not a plugin for Notepad++
    To use WinSCP with Notepad++ (or any other editor…) go to:
    View > preferences > Editors
    click Add, browse for Notepad++, then use Up button to place Notepad++ before the internal editor
    To edit a file, browse, right click, select Edit

  • @Francis

    Glad it works fine for you. And by the way I have linked to info on using it with Notepad++ in post. :)

  • Nathan Abraham

    Great thorough post. Notepad++ is great. My problem is that I also have a WordPress site with a blog – and understand that Pages and Posts are inside the MySQL database for it. How are you editing and uploading/downloading Pages and Posts with WordPress – are you connecting to the MySQL database? If yes, how do you do that with WinSCP? My host’s tech says an FTP cannot connect to a MySQL database.

  • @Nathan Abraham

    Connecting and working with MySQL database is completely different than with files. There are specialized programs for that, like HeidiSQL.

  • Nathan Abraham

    Thanks very much for the info about HeidiSQL. I am hoping to upload over time – many text files for my WordPress site Pages and Posts (keeping the latest copy on my PC) I wonder if you think using HeidiSQL is an efficient method to do that – or do you suggest a better way?
    Thanks again for your help.

  • @Nathan Abraham

    I am not sure what you are precisely trying to do from your description.

    WordPress doesn’t just accept text file as input for posts and you are not supposed to just put them into database directly either.

    You can try using desktop blogging client (I used to use Windows Live Writer, don’t know if it is still alive) or try to look up plugin that will do what you need – poke plugin repository http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/tags/importer

  • Nathan Abraham

    Thank you again for your good help. Windows Live Writer looked possible, but you were right, it hasn’t been supported for 2 years. I found WP CSV, a CSV importer and exporter for posts, pages…But I think your excellent post on NotePad++ may be best for me.
    I’m sorry my description of what I am trying to do was unclear. I am working with about 100 handwritten pages to go onto Wpress -and want to put them in a text editor and make backup copies -(thinking of using NotePad++ or another text editor) – and hoping to create an efficient way to get them onto WordPress. Is there an alternative to copying and pasting? Your suggestions are again appreciated

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