• JeeMan

    Been using this app for a couple of months now and I really love it.

    I would like to add that
    * you can also start a CMD window in the patch that you are currently in, which is a BIG plus for me (by clicking on the little lightning bolt that you can see in your screenshot). Great timesaver.
    * it reduces the number of Explorer windows opened by 4 (if you go for the 4 panes view)
    * it has many many other functionnality that I will not start to tell here, try it out for yourself!

    Finally, I am using FolderGuide, and they work beautifully together, which is a winning combination to me!

  • @JeeMan

    Yeah, it has definite positive effect on taskbar clutter. :)

    I won’t move to Q-Dir as main file manager (dual-pane is burned to deep into my brain) but it’s good option on the go or to recommend to someone who needs simple to use file manager.

  • keith

    UltraExplorer is great too – has multiple tabs. Check it out.

  • @keith

    Seems that one got new version recently after long break. Need to poke it, thanks for suggestion again! :)

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  • Rob Crombie

    Can it be set to what I am used to ?
    One Pane only (please)
    Treeview on the left, and Listview on the right.
    I will then of course use Tabs.
    The end result should be it looks like windows Explorer, but has Tabs

    Help please,

  • @Rob Crombie

    Yep, you can easily set it up like that. Enable tree, switch to single pane. Usual Ctrl + T shortcut for new tab (there are couple more tab-related shortcuts, see Edit menu).

  • Rob Crombie

    By Trial and error, I ended up with what I wanted.
    And then with a shotgun held to my important parts, I bravely went back into that Menu Extras > Starting As
    and I then clicked the bottom line ‘Use Last View’
    I needed that change to get it to remember the Tabs from previous session. If you knew what I went through to get the View that I wanted (aka ‘I hate Panes’), you would know how brave it was to click that ‘Use Last View’ in that same menu.
    If that is the only way to Remember Tabs from previous session, then it should not be in that confusing menu
    ( Extras > Starting as )
    What makes it even more confusing is, there appears to be no visible evidence as to what is currently ‘ticked’

    So just in case my PC dies, and I have to set it up again (to the ‘I hate Panes’ view), could you restate what you have described, in terms of which Menus (etc) to click ?


  • @Rob Crombie

    Layout of panes is most easily controlled by that long row of buttons at the top. Leftmost toggles tree, rest – amount and configuration of panes. You can hover cursor on buttons to get a hint what they do.

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