• kelltic

    Loads of people really like Rainlender. I read positive comments about it everywhere. When you hear that much in the way of raves, you tend to believe. Myself, I was disappointed by its appearance. Not my cup of tea, or mug of brew. But then I don’t like desktop clutter and really have no need of such an application. Today I have an engagement. I will probably be able to remember that for a couple of hours. Next Wednesday I have a lunch date. If I forget, I will only have offended one friend. On the other hand, I don’t have too many of those . . .

  • @kelltic

    Browse skins. :) Default skin is only one of many many ways it can look like. By the way you don’t even have to display anything, it can be simply used in tray app with popup menu and alarms.

    I am not much into calendar apps myself (as I started post with), I mostly set reminders in mobile phone.

  • Ling

    I tried using it as ways to manage tasks and outstanding issues etc at work, but gave it up in the end because it won’t let me resize windows (I needed a longer window to fit all tasks, so I won’t have to scroll)
    Other than that, I find the features excellent

  • @Ling

    You can resize lists, but it is not very straightforward (and depends on skin I suspect). Anyway it works for default skin.

    Options > Skins > Active skins > toggle Advanced > find element you need to resize > Settings > there will be variables for width and height.

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