• Cheers for the write-up! :)

    I liked the idea of being able to drop JBS onto a machine pre-configured but some design decisions I made early on meant that it would be a bit of a nightmare to get it to work that way (that’ll teach me to follow Microsoft Windows design guidelines!). I still often think about writing a lightweight C++, non-.NET version and if I ever get enough time…

    I’m planning on widening the RSS support in the next version to handle more non-mediaRSS feeds, I just wanted to get a version out that worked in the best case that I could subsequently improve. Interestingly another JBS user actually asked Interfacelift a while back if they’d support mediaRSS (which would be an easy change for them) but apparently they said no. Grrrr!

  • Hi, John! I now have a blog so my contribution can be bit bigger than whining about feature requests in email. :)

    Hope you’ll get to that C++ version, or I’ll have to code one myself some day. Learning C++ at moment, not too good at it. My daily language of choice is AutoIt.

    Well, it took years for RSS adoption and it is still toy for techies. Adoption for extension is naturally even slower.

    I actually looked at Interfacelift feed today and have some ideas boiling about transformation hack into something more suitable for parsing. Maybe I’ll make an effort and try to write converter into MediaRSS for it.

  • Ha ha, whining over email is fine with me!

    C++ is a tough language – I spent many years as a C++ developer and could never pretend to have mastered it, few people have!

    Yeah, I’ve been tempted to set up a feed transformer for things like Google image search results (there’s no simple RSS feed for them like there is in Google blog search for example). If you do write an Interfacelift converter let me know!

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