• @Asgaro

    Second one lists firmwares on home page, interesting twist on software downloads.What about features? What made you choose these two as favorites?

    Welcome to blog and thanks for your comment by the way. :)

  • Filehippo:

    – It seems the software published on that site has been carefully chosen. Nearly every product available there is rather well known by any experienced user. (Instead of Softpedia where there are a lot of unknown software)

    – The Filehippo Update Checker is a very useful tool to get things done really fast.

    – Clean interface, categories are well chosen.

    – Changelog provided if possible.

    – Knowledge of version number, supported OSes, size, licence type.

    Tweakers.net (for software in particular: http://tweakers.net/meuktracker/?CatID=77 )

    – You can sort on a large variaty of operating systems.

    – Every program has it’s thorough description, which also includes the changes in the specific release.

    – Able to post comments (there’s a good administrators rating system so there aren’t any shitty comments xD )

    – Knowledge of version number, release status (final, beta, alpha, etc), supported OSes, size, licence type (freeware, shareware, etc)

    – A lot of and all kinds of software are being tracked, but not as extreme as Softpedia.

    Example: Windows 7 beta: http://tweakers.net/meuktracker/19289/microsoft-windows-7-beta-customer-preview.html : about 216 comments of which 22 are moderated as very interesting/useful/etc.

  • @Asgaro

    So for you it’s good set of software, useful descriptions and good input from visitors. Last one is hard to achieve even for blogs, harder for software portals probably.

    Thanks for your input. :)

  • @Jonathan

    Thanks for sharing, will check it out. :)

    Need to try that sumo as well. I rarely use such updater apps because I see updates in RSS anyway. Additional software for that is bit excessive for me.

  • I’ve used filehippo and hence I trust it. Otherwise one needs to be wary while going to a new site to get software.

  • @Flash

    Do you mean wary about what you download (like in possible malware) or wary about how portal presents and describes software?

  • Nice post,

    these are plagued by malicious software and malware.. be careful


  • @software developers

    Well, decent ones aren’t. Actually it would be quite hard to encounter malware on most large portals.

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