• Rarst,

    Thank you for your “good” insight and instinct on this… I should have picked up on it myself (not really being an online/cloud app, as such).

    This is what makes blogging great…


  • SFdude

    Thanks for the review!.

    I have SAS to scan any file I’ve downloaded,
    but only as a complement to AVAST
    & MalwareBytes Antimalware (what a name…).

    All, be aware that if you use SAS to scan a ZIP file
    you’ve just downloaded,
    SAS does NOT expand the ZIP and virus-scan
    each individual ZIP file…

    That’s why I always FIRST scan a d/l ZIP file
    with AVAST & MalwareBytes Antimalware.
    The latter 2 WILL temp UNzip the file,
    and scan all files in the ZIP.

    Just my contribution.

  • @SFdude

    Yeah, by default SAS skips archives, as well as large files and non-executables. I think this is acceptable policy, modern hard drives became to large for quick full scans. :)

    Most of my anti-malware usage is cleaning up mess already created so I am not too good with covering pre-emptive practices, thanks for chiming in.

    PS it is perfectly fine to use regular email ;) will make live easier for both of us, because comments from known commenters are auto-approved.

  • @Rick

    Ops, forgot to reply. :)

    Well, there are some purely online scanners. They are mostly done in ActiveX and suck. So I am glad this one is simply portable, still confused by choice of name.

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