• Just been looking at Jdownloader…. (reminds me of ccleaner, kcleaner, ncleaner).

    Very similar to Mdownloader in approach as will try and skip menial bits of downloading.

    “JDownloader is open source, platform independent and written completely in Java. It simplifies downloading files from One-Click-Hosters like Rapidshare.com or Megaupload.com”

    Looks like Mdownloader has a nicer interface for me though, will have to try out it’s functionality, nice find!

  • @Jonny

    Given no decent portable choice I will take .NET app over Java in general. Latter are often about cross-platform versions and as result interface suffers.

    I’ve seen JDownloader mentioned plenty of time, my guess I have it bookmarked somewhere to check out.


    Thanks for suggestion! Bookmarked as well.

  • I must admit that jdownloader is slow to start, as many java apps seem to be to me. Interface is good though but I know what you mean about the cross platform compromised looks problem.

  • Chocobito

    Hi, Rarst, you can test Rdesc, this not use .NET or Java and its have a portable version, you can go to his homepage in http://rdesc.com/ , the page is in Spanish but the program its multilingual.

  • Chocobito

    Sorry, actually this use .NET, :( anyways give it a try.

  • @Chocobito

    Will do, bookmarked. :) Seems it will take Google Translate for me to get through that site.

  • Chocobito

    I found a similar project now written in python, actually I don’t test its myself, the soft its named Tucan, and here is him Homepage.

  • @Chocobito

    Bookmarked as well… Will take me time, it’s harder to go through pack of apps that do same thing.

  • vikas

    It even answers Megaupload’s captchas. Cooool…

  • nignag

    Does it matter that the digital signature for MDownloader- is not trusted by the trust provider?

  • @nignag

    I am not sure, I downloaded latest version from site and I get no such warning. I think if you download it from program’s home site then there should be nothing to worry about.

    Also worth checking that your .NET Framework is updated and such.

  • N

    for a while now, i have been using mipony…which i think one of the best of its kind
    i think it got better interface than jdownloader…
    and now mipony dont get updated again for some time and got problem downloading from some site, like uploading.com, filesonic, etc…

    so i am gonna give this Mdownloader a try, cause the interface seem good…

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