Mikogo – remote access and presentation service

mikogo_icon Some time ago I was contacted by Andrew Donnelly of BeamYourScreen company with suggestion to review their free remote access service Mikogo.

Remote access stuff usually either cumbersome VNC setup or quite restricted online services so I am always eager to check out new solutions.

What it does

Mikogo provides small software server for setting up the meeting (sharing your desktop or specific windows for remote access) and software client for easy access to meetings in progress.



Hosting meeting requires signing up for account while to join you only need to input meeting ID.


For a free remote access service Mikogo is very feature rich:

  • commercial use is allowed;
  • meeting scheduler;
  • file transfer between participants;
  • cross-platform with Win and Mac supports plus Skype plugin;
  • recording of meetings;
  • encryption (256 bit AES).

Needs and wants

I hadn’t used service extensively but made few test presentations to poke it properly.

  • I mostly use remote access for troubleshooting Mikogo turned out to be little unfit for that. It is streamlined to host so I needed to create meeting first, wait for friend to connect and then switch role of presenter to her.
  • Alternative would be other side hosting since start but that would require setting up server (instead of using much simpler client connection) and registering account. Actually I don’t see much need for an account at all, it seems like unnecessary step in scheme.
  • I had also tried Skype plugin but it hadn’t worked for me at all, quite possible problem on my end – waiting for follow-up on my feedback about that.


Feature-rich, free and streamlined service with portable client/server software. However it was designed for presentation purposes which makes it little hard to use for troubleshooting.

Link http://www.mikogo.com/

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  • Andrew Donnelly #

    Hi Rarst, Thanks for taking the time to check out and blog about Mikogo. Glad to hear you enjoyed the features and thanks for sharing your feedback. Regarding the account, we are working on a new feature for the website so users can login to their account and check out their Mikogo meeting details, change password, etc. As you're interested in remote support solutions, I'll keep you posted on the upcoming release of remote control for the Mikogo Mac Beta version. This will provide an all-in-one cross-platform tool for online meetings and remote support. Cheers, Andrew Donnelly The Mikogo Team
  • Rarst #

    @Andrew Extended features with account make sense, as it is now it just isn't clear why account is needed. Maybe you could add small note to interface that it will be used for additional stuff :) Looking forward to new stuff, good luck with development!
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