• I also gave Woopra a whirl but I also received no real benefit from it. I am not really that big into statistics and in all honesty, I get everything I need from Google Stats.

  • @Lyndi

    Yeah, there are only so much stats that can be gathered. Woopra stands out with desktop client but it’s not much additional worth in my opinion.

    And some additional nerve-burning. :)

  • Also have it running on 2 of my sites… but – in all honesty – I never look at it anymore….
    The only thing I really liked watching = with a nice cold beer in my hand – watching the screen = at the moment you see several people at the same time at a site…
    My “record” is 22 at once !!!
    And thats “it” for Woopra…

    Though; I saw that it also tracks info from people of who I know are very careful with their personal info…
    I still didn’t find out how they did that…

  • @Sjeltur

    I managed to miss all big spikes on my site so I hadn’t even that much pleasure. :) By the way emails are only displayed for visitors that made comments at your blog – Woopra plugin pulls those from WordPress.

  • Nope – it shows more emails….
    For example; my girlfriend who NEVER did a post ANYWHERE on the internet – surfed on my site (in her own house) and I was able to see her email !!
    Same for a good friend – who is posting a lot BUT always with fake email address = as he is a little paranoid….
    And I was able to see his g-mail address of him which I never knew he had one….. !!

    According to the builder of Woopra it is using traces of google…. which means that I was able to see his email address which he has been checking – and googled after that for my website… (he always gets in via Google) and that way I was able to see his email address; which means = Google is leaving to much traces….
    (I garantuee you = I am not making there 2 up !!)

  • @Sjeltur

    Strange, can’t confirm because all personal info I had ever seen in Woopra was for those who left comments.

    If Google was giving email in referrals that would have created huge backlash long ago I think.

  • @Sjeltur

    Well, privacy is common concern but we hardly have a choice. Trying to anonymize Internet experience is pretty hard (and basically shoots that experience).

    Glad you like my blog. :) Looking forward to more comments from you on future posts.

  • Donace

    re: google it is scary I recently wrote a post on the very topic http://thenexus.tk/information-superpower/

    It truly is scary though the post goes of on a tangent.

    re: woopra – indeed it is ‘beta’ in every sense of the word. There is always discrepancy between it and analytics…however its method of display and aggregation of certain data is very useful.

  • @Donace

    There are a lot of scary things in life. Frankly I don’t rank someone knowing my email address very high among them. :)

    I hadn’t noticed large difference between Woopra and GA, that may be because of relatively small traffic of mine. I was more annoyed with downtimes and funcitons turning on and off all the time, first few weeks search wasn’t working, etc.

    Thanks for your visit and comment. :)

  • @Donace

    Converting lurkers is good sign for a blog. :)

    On privacy… just for a scale. In country where I live government databases are consistently leaked every year and it’s relatively easy and cheap to buy such information as home phones+addresses, automobile owners and taxes. Mobile numbers are bit harder (lots of prepaid) but probably possible as well.

    So when someone can go and buy such information on you (and few millions more) it’s kinda stupid to worry about email. :)

    On Woopra presentation I find interface too static. Even web-based GA allows to drag widgets around but in Woopra everything is glued where developers put it. It’s strange when desktop app is less flexible than online one.

  • Donace

    Np been lurking about for a while thought I’d comment.

    You should be cautious though using just an email a lot of information can be found out about you. Especially in times of social media and Facebook etc.

    I haven’t got large scale traffic either; but the end of month figures of the two did vary by a few hundred. Though i’m happy to continue using woopra as I said while there are bugs etc its presentation is a lot easier to understand then GA.

  • I had used woopra for only few days. I was not impressed with it. Nice review and a good conclusion!

  • @Nihar

    Not good for Woopra I guess, but they kinda overpromised in my opinion.

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