Subdue autorun via command line with WhatInStartup

whatinstartup_icon The one thing that often irks me about software (especially often updated like frameworks and stuff) is how easy it adds own entries to system autorun and how persistent those entries can be. Of course Autoruns handles them just fine, but it is manual and boring removal to perform every time.

I had discarded WhatInStartup (yet another of fine Nirsoft utilities) as inferior to Autoruns, until it hit me that as many utilities from this developer it should have some nifty command line capabilities.

What it does

If you had seen one Nirsoft app – you had seen them all. Columns, a lot of columns. With information. whatinstartup_interface

The more interesting part of information is that app not only lists autorun entries, but also detects and adds info about actual files/processes.

Strong features

Main attraction – WhatInStartup has number of command line actions to control autorun entries. As opposed to more complex scripting to target specific registry entries it simply works with entry names. Which makes it more reliable for cases when registry keys change.

/disable <Startup Item Name>

To disable item.

/delete <Startup Item Name>

To delete.


Interesting action that will reset all entries you had previously disabled if they became enabled again.


It would be perfect addition if app also handled services, but sadly it neither shows or affects those.


Definitely not as powerful as Autoruns, but highly convenient to include in installation routines and get rid of unwanted autorun stuff without doing it by hand.

Home&download http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/what_run_in_startup.html

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