• This information I found very handy. Due to the blog reviews that I do, I often make screen shots. I personally find Photoshop too complicated for this purpose and have started using Fireworks instead. I have downloaded Paint.Net and will give it a try.

    This stuff I have downloaded to a notebook as this will soon be the only Windows machine I have. I plan to move my desktop PC to Linux pretty soon. On this machine I will most probably have to download GIMP for the graphic stuff.

    Thanks for the info.

  • @Lyndi

    I think Paint.NET is near-perfect for screenshots. It has good masks, resizing and canvas-sizing. And layers support amkes easy to add something over or under if needed.

    By the way I think you could do post at your blog about moving to Linux. Not technical part but your reasons and such, I find it very interesting what pushes people from one OS to another.

  • i use screengrab! an add-on for firefox

  • @Archer

    This post is more about editing, capturing was covered in previous one. My main browser is Opera so I mostly use separate apps for browsing-unrelated tasks.

    Welcome to blog and thanks for your comment. :)

  • Adrian

    Personally, I use only the FastStone built-in editor for my shots, and it’s enough. The FastStone editor allows you to add simple rectangles, arrows, text, etc.

  • @Adrian

    For my taste FSCapture rules for making shots but I never used it editor much. I use Paint.NET for most of graphical stuff so makes sense to use it for processing screenshots as well.

  • Hey, that was interesting,

    truely paint .net is a great tool but I still prefer to use photoshop which is more powerfull and there are more optiones to work with


  • @software

    Photoshop is expensive and professional tool. Worth it for designers and such but for screenshots that is major overkill. :)

  • i also use screengrab for firefox to take my screenshots, but I’ll try Paint.neet

  • Nice soft, i always use free IE plugin like iepartner to screenshot and PS to edit.

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