• Thanks for the enlightenment. I need educational posts like this ^_^

  • @MK

    No problem. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

    By the way if you want such posts about some specific topic I urge you to try that link to my suggestions taking Skribit page. :)


  • @Brad

    As always I am glad to be of use. :) Hashes are very interesting and widely used concept.

  • do you have also a possibility to use these hashes to get the file which it was generated from into the dropbox without really having the file, but only the hash? and which hashing algorith does dropbox use?

  • @Peter

    Nope, there is no mechanism to operate hashes instead of files in Dropbox. I don’t think I saw any public information on what specific hash mechanism they use.

  • @fapestniegd

    Yep, comments above were made long before that project. Guess with Dropbox’s popularity it was a matter of time before something like that was implemented by fans. :)

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