• I’ve had a need for some various SQLite tools – mostly with working/manipulating Spiceworks data.

    I’ve used this tool: http://www.singular.gr/sqlite/ – called ‘Sqlite3Explorer’.

    Also, on the reporting front, I’ve used ‘SQLDrill’ which is an Excel add-in. This is nice for generating charts, etc.

    Both of these tools allows for graphical creation of queries.

    Finally, the SQLite Manager add-on for Firefox is pretty decent too.

    I’ll need to start messing around with the AutoIt implementation…

  • @Rob

    Thanks for suggestions, will check them all out. :)

  • JeeMan

    If I may suggest, after experimenting with a couple of SQLite tools, I am using TKSQLite, which I find very intuitive, easy, lightweight and free. Works for Linux and/or windows.

    If you need more tools (or want to explore alternatives), you can also go on the SQLite wiki. They have a BIG list of tools you can use, on Linux or Windows.


  • @JeeMan

    All suggestions are welcome. :) Will check it out.

    I am not too sure what exactly I need (newbie with SQLite as I wrote). I am picking tools and components to use in graduate project on programming courses.

    btw saw that list but got scared with volume and quickly bookmarked for later (much later). :)

  • keith

    I recommend Firefox Sqlite manager for a lightweight gui. AnySQL Maestro (freeware) is outstanding. It has as many features as the pay-for products – import/export, query builder, database design, etc. It will connect to about any database. You may need to install the Sqlite ODBC driver – sqliteodbc.


  • @keith

    I heard about Firefox one, but I am not from “Firefox for anything” league. :)

    Thanks for suggestions, bookmarked to check out.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the post.
    I use autoit and sqlite and it works like a charm.

  • You can edit triggers and constraints with SQLite Expert Personal since version 2.1.8.

    Also, the Personal Edition has some limited import-export capabilities (you can copy tables or records between SQLite databases and/or Excel via clipboard).

  • @Bogdan

    Thank you for dropping by and clarifying those points! I had updated post accordingly.

  • Jepoy

    Do you know on how to connect or use this in visual basic 6.0 as database? Please reply i need some ways on how to use it.

  • @Jepoy

    By “this” you mean SQLite database? Sorry, no remote idea since I hadn’t ever used Visual Basic.

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