Explore yummy cache of Opera alternate download

So while millions (two) of people enjoyed final release of Opera yesterday, I spent evening in new round of getting hacked and bookmarking WordPress security plugins.

Anyway Opera servers were taking serious beating and I got interested in @Opera tweet about their FTP server I hadn’t visited in the past. So where else can you get Opera from except boring default option?

FTP downloads

According to quick YouGetSignal lookup Opera’s FTP server are located in Oslo as well, but:

  1. FTP doesn’t suffer from fancy design and redirects on top;
  2. it is close but not the same server, being independent from mirror system it is much less hammered;

What makes it even more interesting – huge selection of numerous Opera setup packages every platform it works on.

Nice and streamlined way to get latest version of one of older ones either.

Link ftp://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/

Torrent downloads

Any software company, that understands large-scale software distribution, should (does) spit in rough direction of media companies and offers torrent download option. Naturally Opera Software does (offering, no idea about spitting).

Index of official torrents only has Windows and Mac versions. While ~9Mb file isn’t large amount to download, every download can only get better with torrent integrity check and less load for struggling servers.

Link http://torrent.opera.com/pub/opera/


Go spread some O !

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  • Pallab #

    I have used the ftp several times in the past. Opera often uploads the builds on the ftp and makes a formal announcement about a new release several hours later.
  • Rarst #

    @Pallab I often wait at least few days on major but non-security updates. So time isn't priority for me. Still that FTP is fun to dig. :) So many platforms.