• The DataRat

    “Opera has one of the
    most flexible interfaces
    I had ever seen”

    Opera is all about INTERFACE ! In other words: Working the
    way ~you~ want to work.

    Opera used to be “The World’s Fastest Browser”. Ain’t anymore.
    But it’s still the most customizable.

    Chrome is fastest. But it’s interface abysmal !

    What I do: Have Chrome as my default Web browser. So, if I click
    on a link (outside of Opera), the page comes up ~really~ fast.
    This allowing me to just quickly check the page for contents.

    But I WORK in Opera. It’s my working browser. That’s where I
    spend 99% of my time on the Internet. It’s set-up the way I want
    it. It ~can~ be set-up the way I want it ! ( Something not
    possible with Chrome. )

    I got Safari on my main PC, and IE 8 on all three machines.
    Hardly ever use Safari. I use IE 8 for the rare Web site
    which refuses to work on Opera. ( Which is becoming increasingly
    rare. ) I’m on IE 8 a few minutes maybe once or twice a week.

    When switching to IE everything seems ~so~ SLOW ! While Opera
    isn’t as fast as Firefox and (especially) Chrome, it’s still
    about four times faster than IE 7-8 by my subjective impression
    and also benchmarks I’ve seen.

    Haven’t tried Firefox or really given it a chance. Someday I’ll
    do so. Right now I’ve got an innate bias against hardcore open
    source projects.

    The DataRat


  • @DataRat

    I am using Firefox for web development, Opera Dragonfly is still far from being serious contender to Firebug. Otherwise it offers absolutely nothing that might seduce long-time Opera user.

    IE8 is slow indeed. I don’t browse but some software unfortunately still sticks to using IE engine (like Feeddemon, my only gripe with it).

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