Preventing downloading from hindering browsing

Friday is short day at work for me so home earlier. And wondering on really slow Internet until clock reached designated hour and limits on download speeds kicked in.

Purpose of download managers was always making most of Internet connection. Nowadays speeds had risen to megabits (and download sizes to gigabytes) so it makes sense to have download quietly run in background and tweak it to not spoil browsing experience.

I have covered two download managers I am using (and highly recommending) and they both have such functions.


This one uses schedule approach. Options > Preferences (Alt+P) > Scheduler . You click specific hours in week to set mode needed.



Since torrent uses upload (and the way Internet works you need upload for download to work properly) there are two settings - for downstream and upstream. My setup simply limits speeds on evenings.

Free Download Manager

FDM uses profiles to determine speeds. Options > Download options (Ctrl+O) > Network . In addition to traffic restriction number of connections and running downloads can also be set.



There is no schedule but option to detect browsing activity. Doesn’t work too well (I suspect it is not detecting Opera properly) so selecting mode manually is more effective.

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