• Thanks for sharing!

    I was indeed in need of a download manager and this one definitely looks worthwhile.

    It would be awesome to be able to download RSS’. I wouldn’t have to open my browser, go to my Netvibes and open my reader.

    I’m all about time management for me, so every second counts! :)

  • @Luis Gross

    Glad you found something interesting to try in my posts and thank for visiting. :)

    About RSS I meant not downloading them but downloading stuff from links included in RSS. It’s not very popular but highly effective method to automate downloads.

    Had you tried any desktop clients for reading RSS? Personally I never understood online clients. :) Going to web-page to read content ripped out of another web-page never seemed right to me.

  • Rarst,

    Nice share. I am currently using Download accelerator. Have you used it before?

  • @Nihar

    I checked that one out years ago, can’t even remember version. Didn’t like it. I think it was packed full of advertisement or something.

    I’ve used FlashGet for a long time but it got kinda unstable so I switched to FDM.

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