• Harry M.

    Hi there! I was looking for a dropbox invite for quite a while now. Would love to get one:

    hardy.mardy (at) gmail.com


    Nice blog, btw! Love freeware… :)

  • Invite sent.

    >Nice blog, btw! Love freeware… :)

    Thanks and who doesn’t? :) Stay tuned for more sites and apps.

  • Tiago Souza

    Can you give me an invite?!


  • >Can you give me an invite?!

    Invite sent. :)

  • Hi there!

    I hope I’m not too late, but I’d love one as well!

    Thanks in advance!

  • >I hope I’m not too late, but I’d love one as well!

    Invite sent. I only give them out here so still have some remaining. :)

  • Steve

    Hi – hope I’m not too late either – cos I’d love an invite also if you still have any left – thanks in advance!!!

  • MrM

    if possible id love an invite too :)



  • @Steve invite sent :)

    @MrM email you used looks like no-spam one to me. Please confirm that it is valid or mail me contact@rarst.net address you want invite sent to.

  • Frank

    I would love to have an invite! This is the BEST app I’v seen. I can’t wait to try it

  • @Frank

    Invite sent, have fun. :)

  • Frank

    Thanks Rarst! I spent the whole day today looking for a sync app like this! You made my day…!! signed up, and looking forward testing it ;)

  • Just don’t rely on it too much. :) It’s still beta so bugs are very possible.

  • Nice blog post. Thanks for bringing my attention to DropBox :)

    If you have any left, please send me 1. Thanks

  • Ken

    I would like an invite if you have some left. Thanks.

    PS Interesting blog. Saw your comments on FreewareJunkie

  • @flerick, Ken

    Invites sent. :)

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH. Needed it just right about now to move some screenshots from one pc to another. I’ll be coming back Rarst. :) Thanks a bunch again!

  • @flerick

    Have fun and see you again. :) Syncing files (both online and ofline) is interesting topic and I have few posts on this in writing queue.

  • Ken

    Thanks for the invite. Had the google gadget for it, but was doing me no good without an account.

  • >Thanks for the invite.

    Have fun. :)

    Almost out of invites, may need to try to poke Dropbox developers if I can get more (Martin pulled that of I think).

  • Idae lisco

    Can i get one plz??

    i’ll be veery thankful

  • @Idae lisco

    Invite sent. :)

  • crazyfox

    Can you give me an invite? Am I in time?


    Nice blog!!!

  • @crazyfox

    Invite sent. :)

  • Can you send me an invite? Thanks in advance.

  • @Nihang Shah

    Sent. Was my last one, need to try to get more. :)

  • Arash of Dropbox kindly gave me 25 more invites to give out so ask if you need one. :)

  • Jenny

    Hi – I’d like an invite!



  • @Jenny

    Sent! :)

  • Chad

    I’d love an invite, Thanks in advance!

  • @Chad

    It says “They’re already on Dropbox!” when I try to send invite to email you used in comment. I was too slow? Have to sleep sometimes. :)

    Edit: got email from Chad, too slow indeed. :)

  • David

    Hello Rarst, I Would really appreciate an invite.

  • @David

    Sent! :)

  • andi

    You have any invites left? Would love to get one! Thanks in advance!

  • @andi

    Sent! :)

  • Ethan

    Hi, if you have invites left, can I get one please?

  • @Ethan

    Sent! :)

  • Ethan

    Thank you very much. Appreciated that :)

  • Mark


    If you have an invite going spare I’d love to have one.



  • @Mark

    Sent! :)

  • Mark

    Wow! That was quick. Many thanks.


  • ramooonas

    If you have any free invite plz send it to me

  • @ramooonas

    Sent! :)

  • Matthew

    Hi, I would love to try out dropbox if there are any invites left.

    Thanks in advance

  • @Matthew

    Sent! :)

  • Interested to hear how you get on with this and how effective it is. I have been looking for a good sync utility between my Mac and PC for ages. Would this work if I put the client on my Mac and PC?

  • @Jim Sefton

    Yeah, it would totally work. :) As of yesterday you don’t even need invite just go to http://www.getdropbox.com/ and grab a client software.

    Only it’s still beta so don’t rely too much on it. I mean it’s fine as tool to exchange files between computers but not as backup or storage for important stuff.

  • shane

    can someone please send me an invite for drop box thanks

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