Troubleshoot media issues with Codec Tweak Tool

K-Lite Codec Pack is my bundle of choice and most common answer to media playback issues. However at times simple (re)install of this one is not enough.

Aside from codecs it also includes number of relevant tools. One of those is Codec Tweak Tool – utility to diagnose, tweak and resolve media issues.

What it does

App works like install dialog, uncommon approach but surprisingly fitting. Depending on task chosen there may be only one or up to several dialogs to go through.


There is no clear core function – only set of various tasks, joined by being relevant to codecs.

Strong features

  • auto-detect corrupt registry entries of codecs and filters;
  • create text log of installed codecs (optional skip of Windows native and/or parts of K-Lite);
  • reset or change configuration of K-Lite components;
  • backup and restore codec configuration to registry files;
  • selectively enable and disable specific codecs.

It is hardly single click solution, but it is great tool to start with in case of complex issues.


Comes with K-Lite (in Tools subdirectory if installed) or as stand-alone. Numerous functions and especially good log creation (logs are always good to troubleshoot). One of those apps that are rarely needed, but total life-savers when they are.

Download http://www.codecguide.com/download_other.htm#codectweaktool

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