• I wonder what (other than portable execution) makes this tool the best in your opinion. The fact that it comes with a bunch of other tools — most, if not all, of which I do not really want — is a minus in my eyes. Does it capture mouse cursor? How does it handle shadowed window borders?

  • @Alek

    I said that it might become one, not that it is. :) Extras are nice for my taste, beats having to have and switch between bunch of small utilities for measurements and such.

    As for screenshots it is rather individual and for most PrintScreen is really enough. But why not indulge with stuff like precise region capture and auto-open in editor of choice? :) Really, taking screenshots is no rocket science, apps for that only aim to improve covenience and add related functions.

    Captures cursor (option), no idea on shadows – don’t think I encountered any lately.

  • This is something I really need. Up till now I have been relying on the old Alt Prt Scr combination. I am off to download right now. Thanks.

  • @Lyndi

    Alt+PrintSreen is proven by time but can only go so far. :) As you make themes and such I think you will find measuring tools convenient as well.

  • Rarst,

    You and me have been down this road before with PicPick and FastStone and I mean that in a humorous (good way). It is staring to scare me, but I’m beginning to think, “we think alike”.

    I do agree, FastStone is the topper and that PicPick is gaining ground. Great review!


  • The DataRat

    “The fact that it comes
    with a bunch of other tools
    —most, if not all, of which
    I do not really want— is a

    The thing here being that a ~lot~ of tools …most of which you’ll
    probably never use… is GOOD. There’s no way an application
    developer can intuit exactly what tools/features you’ll want or need.
    So multitudinous feature options makes it all the more likely that
    the tools you ~do~ want shall be there.

    If you don’t need 95% of a feature set, then ignore those features !
    Ain’t like you ~must~ use ’em.

    But a profusion of features only increases the chances that tools you
    desire will exist. Limited feature sets don’t as much simplify the
    interface as decrease your options. Until software developers begin
    reading your mind, and customizing applications for each and every
    INDIVIDUAL user, a large feature set shall be the only way to assure
    the few tools you want are going to be present.

    The DataRat


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