• I love Glary Utilities, especially the 1 click maintenance. I think a lot of people still “believe” in memory optimizers unfortunately even in the days of 4gb+ ram in computers.
    People also believe in registry optimizers although I have seen strong evidence to suggest they don’t help your system much. I use them myself though!

  • @Jonny

    Yeah, 1-click is nice and smooth. However it is called “Utilities” not “1-click”. :)

    Registry you mean cleaners or optimize/defrag ones? Cleaners are essential for sweeping broken entries. Not much benefit from optimizers – even if there is performance boost it is not human-notiecable in my opinion.

  • Adrian

    Hey, how about TuneUp and Ashampoo WinOptimizer? I know they are shareware, but it’s still worth trying out. If you like them email me.

  • @Adrian

    TuneUp is somewhere on stage 3 of life cycle. :)

    Had tried some Ashampoo apps long ago and was far from impressed. Have no idea how they currently fare.

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