LabelControl – universal keyboard usage speedup

labelcontrol_icon Modern graphical interfaces are very mouse-driven. Aside from several generic keyboard shortcuts rest of keyboard controls are at mercy of specific app’s developer. Would it not be nice to have a way to breeze with keyboard through any window?

LabelControl is roughly that – universal interface extension, that allows quick jumps to any control, using keyboard alone.

What it does

App sits quietly in the tray. Whenever you press and hold Ctrl it appends small numeric labels to all controls in currently active window. By typing number on label you activate or jump to corresponding control.


Strong features

There is not much meat to the app, but beauty is in the concept here. It gives you simple, consistent and universal between application way to navigate faster with keyboard.

Makes you wonder why isn’t something like this native OS feature – sure sign of a good idea.


Written in AutoHotkey (sister language to AutoIt) app is rough and no longer maintained. It still performs well, but settings like controls to watch take some specialized digging to tweak.


My opinion is that LabelControl works nicely for tasks common enough to feel repetitive, but with enough variations to make full scripting counter-productive. I know some people are absolutely happy about pushing keyboard to the max, but I doubt this concept can be mainstream hit.

Home&download http://www.donationcoder.com/Software/Skrommel/#LabelControl

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