SpyDLL Remover – specialized library files lookup app

spydll_remover_icon There are so many things going on in Windows background that it is really hard to manage all of those at the same time. Some utilities try to wrangle them with little to moderate success, like Process Explorer. Some specialize.

SpyDLL Remover is an app that is focused on making sense of currently loaded library files.

What it does

App looks for active DLL files. With focus on security it tries to detect files that attempt to hide themselves and color-codes findings in accordance with suspected level of threat.


It can go from DLL to processes that use it and backwards – from running process to all DLLs that it has hooked.

Strong features

It doesn’t do much but it performs core functions well. Scans and lookups are snappy and results are easily interpreted.

As for remover part – it can kill processes and remove DLLs from them.


Interface is questionable. For me such… experimentations are usually stay-away sign, but in this case app has favorable reviews going and has PortableApps version. It works better than it looks.


Performs core function just fine, but was it so hard to try and make it look neat? :)

Home&download http://rootkitanalytics.com/userland/spy-dll-remover.php

Portable http://portableapps.com/apps/utilities/spydllremover_portable

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  • Anys #

    Very good this software. The internet is a zoo with spyware and adware. :(
  • Website Design Company #

    I couldn't agree more. Interface looks suspicious but as they say, looks can be deceiving.
  • Jonny #

    I'm sure if they removed that shoddy top graphic it would look much nicer to me...like a nirsoft program. Looks like another handy tool anyway that will help with disinfecting PC's. Hoopefully there will be better support for x64 soon as presently ..."On 64 bit platform, only 32 bit processes are supported." Nice find Rarst
  • Jacob #

    Spybot S&D, CCCleaner ... none look all to nice; but, they perform marvelously. This looks like something I'll be adding to my toolkit. Especially useful if my system is malfunctioning or I suspect a nasty.
  • Rarst #

    @Jonny It's quite far from Nirsoft even without graphic... ANyway - gets task done so I can live with it, not primary tool anyway. 64bit and security tools is painful topic. :)