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Back when I had a more usual day jobs I often found it a challenge to last through nine hours of working day. My brain does not stay alert that long and I do my best work in short bursts.

I used pzizz software for lunch naps, but then lost the habit when I started to work from home.

Lately I had some stressful weeks and noticed I am out of energy two thirds through my day. I decided to revisit naps and pzizz, which is now mobile app.

What it does

pzizz is an app (Andriod/iOS) that generates a soundtrack that helps to fall asleep or taking a nap.

Old versions used to be desktop (and paid) software. I think they even made hardware player.

The current iteration is a mobile app, which seems to have gone completely free this year.

It includes voice instructions and mix of relaxing sounds. The voice narrative talks you into falling asleep and wakes you up in case of naps.

pzizz interface (Android)

pzizz interface (Android)

Strong features

The one huge benefit is that each time it generates new soundtrack. While the elements are same, the mix is always new.

When I tried “fixed” alternatives in the past, I got annoyed with repetitive track. pzizz completely resolves this issue.


As a non–native English speaker it is harder to listen to instructions in it. More so while I try to disconnect and fall asleep.

It is a little too much to expect voice localization, that would be expensive for developers.

If this is even more of an issue for you, then you can disable voice completely and leave just the sounds part.


I sleep like a brick, so had little need for sleep mode. Nap mode though I find helpful.

It works best for me when I use it over several days. It takes a bit of habit element for it to work. Occasional use can be just distracting, so give it couple of tries if you don’t like it on first attempt.

Site pzizz.com

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