• Good one yar..I desperately need this one.

    I need to give a try over it on my laptop :)

  • @Lax (right? :) )

    Yeah, it’s really good to have this one close. Especially if you have to mess with users a lot.

    Good luck with your field-laptop test. :)

  • That linux distribution is really awesome. I had to use it a while ago and it really works like a charm…and it’s a bit worrying ;)

  • @Ben

    Well, I’ll have to do “Windows passwords paranoid way” follow-up post later then. :)

  • Good review there. That solution is great if you are really trying to “crack” a password, that is to find the password of another user without them knowing. If you just want access and have forgotten your password then I believe there is another linux based live cd that resets the admin password. I used it 2 years ago but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was called. It basically reset the password to nothing.

  • @Jim

    Well, see post. :) Reseting password works but in my opinion editing SAM is looking for trouble. It’s always better to try safer way first.

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