Which software developers bloggers like

I had posted how past experience with software developers might influence our choices. Lately I think that tech bloggers form their own criteria for choosing software and developers to write about. Possibly different criteria from those of users.

So what kinds of developers do I look for as blogger?

In no particular order:


Standalone app can be unbelievably good but there is a limit to how much it can tell about developer. Some of the most covered by blogs developers have dozen apps in their portfolios.

Sysinternals, Nirsoft, Roadkilblogger can be sure to visit their site and find more useful utilities to write about.


Developers who bend the truth at their sites are either idiots or treat users as such. Looking for unqualified users who will eat that may be profitable but no tech blogger would ever knowingly touch software promoted by lies.

And since tech bloggers probably see ten times software users do – they will spot fakes.


It may be business all right but great software products are not born and inspired by money alone. In general you don’t see developers promoting their apps by sharing how many figures they made last year.

May take blogger bit of own programming experience to truly get this but if they do – they will often detect if developer believes in his code or that is lame time wasting crap.


Some developers are on contrary good exactly because they don’t listen and stick to personal vision. However some things (like bugs) cannot be ignored. If there are issues that stay unsolved they will come up.

If there are same issues users are reporting since 2003 in hundred pages forum thread – any blogger will become wary to save his readers from landing in a mess.


Do same but better is long established concept in software development. This one might be more personal but I really dislike comparison charts that bash every competing product (or more commonly only those that are inferior).

Bloggers look for improved and better ways to do things, not rehash of what others had done in display of diligence ripping off common features.


It may be unobvious to readers but it takes software some luck and effort to get in those blog posts. It is silent competition for bloggers’ attention and only those whom they fancy win.

What kind of developers do you like as user and/or blogger? Do you think standards are much different and if they should be?

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  • v0lk0r #

    Hi, Rarst. Great post )). What do you think, my website is 'readable' to you? Please send me any shit(in fugitive sense ^^), which you dont like.
  • Rarst #

    @v0lk0r Weak white/grey contrast and you are linking to russian site from eng blog - might freak people out, which is bad start for trusting developer. :)
  • v0lk0r #

    I be able to fast change colour-design (by replacement CSS-file), but i hate parrot-like colours sites, and this design is unique on www (i believe it ^^). In future, I plan to add english version of site. Thanks.
  • v0lk0r #

    And this is my cynical thoughts on this post: Profilic - i do myself to read info on Sysiternals, Nilsoft, Roadkil, or them rss or (in google), but i dont know about Vasya Pupkin's blog, which soft or patterns have no analog and very useful (on this time) ... Better to me - view about unique, damp blogs/products, even no proud there. Honest - i dont udersand, you have cynycal thought, and this bloggers may be realy appettizing food for you..) Proud - i trust in code, but trust is blind ... ) Attentive - agree, but may post about this clowns, but no their products... Innovative - agree.
  • Rarst #

    @v0lk0r It's not about colors, it's about readability. There are standards that define sufficient difference between background and foreground color. Thanks for sharing your view on points made in post.
  • v0lk0r #

    Ok, I improve.
  • v0lk0r #

    P.S Sorry to all readers for my super-english ) this is not my language..