• Hi, Rarst. Great post )). What do you think, my website is ‘readable’ to you? Please send me any shit(in fugitive sense ^^), which you dont like.

  • @v0lk0r

    Weak white/grey contrast and you are linking to russian site from eng blog – might freak people out, which is bad start for trusting developer. :)

  • I be able to fast change colour-design (by replacement CSS-file), but i hate parrot-like colours sites, and this design is unique on www (i believe it ^^).

    In future, I plan to add english version of site.


  • And this is my cynical thoughts on this post:

    Profilic – i do myself to read info on Sysiternals, Nilsoft, Roadkil, or them rss or (in google), but i dont know about Vasya Pupkin’s blog, which soft or patterns have no analog and very useful (on this time) … Better to me – view about unique, damp blogs/products, even no proud there.

    Honest – i dont udersand, you have cynycal thought, and this bloggers may be realy appettizing food for you..)

    Proud – i trust in code, but trust is blind … )

    Attentive – agree, but may post about this clowns, but no their products…

    Innovative – agree.

  • @v0lk0r

    It’s not about colors, it’s about readability. There are standards that define sufficient difference between background and foreground color.

    Thanks for sharing your view on points made in post.

  • Ok, I improve.

  • P.S Sorry to all readers for my super-english ) this is not my language..

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