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Calm — site and app for guided meditation calm, health, meditation
Kimono — easy to use web scraper rss-feeds, scrape
Lift web app — for habit management
WorkFlowy.com - ultimate todo.txt
Timer Tab - simple web-based timer/alarm/stopwatch time
Best of three years best, list
Readable – better reading experience bookmarklet bookmarklet
bettween.com – read conversations from Twitter social, twitter
Google Docs – office suite for everyone or no one? document, google, office
WorldTimeBuddy – useful time zones web app time
PrintWhatYouLike.com bookmarklet for printing sites bookmarklet, pdf, print
Life after FeedDemon, Google Reader full time google-reader, rss-feeds
WolframAlpha – computational search calculator, search, wolframalpha
How to deal with broken Gmail login browser, gmail, troubleshoot
Stack Exchange Q&A sites network google, search, stackexchange
Photovisi.com – easy multi-photo collages image, photo
alternativeTo.net – massive similar software directory comparison, directory, search
More fun (and charmingly inappropriate) comic strips comic, humor
How to find high quality images of stuff image, media
QuicklyCode.com – collection of cheat sheets cheatsheet, reference
Backup best practices guide at dpBestflow.org backup, guide
Google image chart editor for Chart API api, chart, google
Review your Google usage at Google Dashboard data, google, privacy
Ad block in Opera – boldly native feature block, browser, filter, opera
FeedDemon and Google Reader – best feed reading ever? feeddemon, google, google-reader, rss-feeds
wasitup.com – simple site downtime alerts monitor, notification, uptime
Animoto.com – generate videos from photos and music cat, image, music, video
codepad.org – execute and share code snippets online programming, share, snippet
PSU calculator – online app to compute PC’s wattage calculator
Going beyond Google to multiple search engines comparison, google, search, wikipedia, wolframalpha
GTmetrix – cloud version of YSlow plus Page Speed comparison, optimize, pagespeed, speed, test, yslow
UnmaskParasites.com – simple web page security audit bookmarklet, link, security
PasswordCard – printable password generator card, password, print, security
Google Sync Services with Nokia smartphone google, nokia, sync
Kaspersky GetSystemInfo utility and site information, kaspersky, system
Autodesk Dragonfly – home design web app design, plan
Software Informer – updates monitor check, monitor, update
BackTweets.com – simple monitor of tweets with links feeddemon, link, rss-feeds, twitter
meebo.com – online multi-IM client im
Gazopa – search for images by similarity or keywords image, search
Kongregate – free online games collection canabalt, flash, kongregate
Google Buzz – weird email or weird Twitter? gmail, google, social, twitter
McAfee Site Advisor tells how safe files and links are check, malware, report, security
Make Opera custom search site-aware with JavaScript bookmarklet, google, javascript, opera, search
Test and choose DNS server that performs best for you comparison, google, ip, test
PageZipper bookmarklet for paginated articles bookmarklet, freewaregenius, javascript
Do you read any sites for comments alone? comment, slashdot
Annual portion of cool comic strips comic, humor
Quix – multi-functional and customizable bookmarklet bookmarklet, yoast
SilentPCReview.com – ultimate resource for silent PC review, silent, silentpcreview
The Guild – online sitcom about MMORPG players humor, video, youtube
Colorjive.com – online image editor to paint walls color, editor, image
Access slow or blocked sites with Coral cache proxy
Refine Google search with time frames google, search, time
SuggestRSS.com – finds sites like those in your feeds feed, opml, rss-feeds, suggestion
Rollip.com – collection of graphical filters for photos filter, image, photo
ThreatExpert.com – behavioral file analysis analyze, file, malware, sandbox
Passmark’s online collection of benchmark data benchmark, cpu, drive, graph, video
Links I visit by alphabet link, list
osalt.com – directory of open source software opensource, search
SimpleDesktops.com – minimalistic wallpapers collection image, wallpaper
PocketMod – totally beats napkin organize, print
Google Translate interface refresh dictionary, google, translate
Google Wave invites giveaway giveaway, google, wave
ProjectEuler.net – training ground for programmers autoit, programming
Run web app in dedicated window of Firefox or Chrome chrome, firefox, google, interface, mozilla, tweak, wave
Google Wave Preview – first look email, google, im, wave
Use search engines faster in Opera interface, opera, search, tweak
DistanceFromTo.net – Google Maps plus ruler google, map
Colorbrewer – excellent color schemes resource color, map
SS64.com – multi-platform command line reference command-line, linux, reference, windows
File-Extensions.org – file extensions and types catalogue extension, file
Microsoft Fix It solutions hubs fix, fixit, microsoft, support
TestFreaks.com – hardware reviews aggregator review
Learn simple and reliable knots
Pingdom.com – comprehensive uptime monitor service hosting, monitor, pingdom, server, uptime
ReminderFeed.com serves reminders in RSS feed collaborate, reminder, rss-feeds
Determine Internet connection quality at Pingtest.net bandwidth, benchmark, ping, speedtest, test
Check if email works properly with MxToolbox.com check, email, server
CWSandbox – automated online malware analysis analyze, malware, sandbox
NiceTranslator.com – convenient online dictionary dictionary, google, translate, widget
NewBookAlerts.com – notifications for book releases book, email, track
Dapp Factory – scrape sites to numerous formats convert, feed, pipes, rss-feeds, scrape
TinEye.com – search for image copies and derivatives duplicate, hash, image, search
Miro – exercise in media convergence download, media, player, rss-feeds, torrent
FilterMyRSS.com – light online filter for feeds feed, filter, rss-feeds
Moved to another hosting autoit, blog, hosting, wpwebhost
IsMyBlogWorking.com – better than ping bookmarklet, ping, server, uptime
Secunia OSI – fast in-browser software security check browser, secunia, security, update
eSarcasm.com – tech snark (over)dose humor, tech
Year with Skribit suggestions service blog, service, skribit, widget
iConvert – online image to all-platforms icons converter convert, icon, image
Sucuri NBIM – uptime and security log for web sites dailyblogtips, log, monitor, security, site
Twelve months blogging milestone blog, goal, milestone, traffic
Do publishers like syndication as much as readers? content, information, interfacelift, pipes, reader, rss-feeds, syndication
Vote for my WordPress story! contest, group-writing, hosting, vote, wpwebhost
How to ask tech question and get answer forum, quest, question, support
Desktopwallpaper.org – another wallpapers site desktop, image, suggestion, wallpaper
Three free online tech tutorials I want to try developer, image, inkscape, javascript, regexp, tech, tutorial
Opera Unite – are browsers out of feature ideas? browser, opera, server
oursignal.com – news mashup I actually like delicious, news, postrank, treemap, yahoo
WhatTheFont determines font name from image font, image, skribit
Google Page Speed vs Yahoo YSlow benchmark, comparison, firebug, google, optimize, pagespeed, yahoo, yslow
rsizr.com – quite advanced way to resize images online image
Few words to comment marketing scum blog, comment, marketing, media, social, spam
How to get paid online monetize, skribit
Pricelessware – annual list of best freeware freeware, list
MySoftChoice.com – another take on software+social comparison, tracking
Appnews launch week results appnews, freewaregenius, ghacks
Seems images search online really gets better google, image, search
Introducing Appnews.net – awesome software updates appnews, dropbox, freewaregenius, ghacks, rss-feeds, twitter, update
Two sites (and one app) to figure out file extensions comparison, extension, file
Balsamiq Mockups – fast interface sketching software design, interface
Software, service and why neither will win service
Check links before downloading with DrWeb antivirus antivirus, drweb, link
8 tools to improve reading online and mobile bookmarklet, format, layout, mobile, read, traffic
Nine months blogging milestone blog, goal, milestone, traffic
Mikogo – remote access and presentation service access, presentation, remote, server
Encode text to post online with Postable character, encode
Bursting security bubble antivirus, firewall, malware, security
Measure your Internet connection at Speedtest.net bandwidth, speedtest, test
Turn your handwriting into font at YourFonts.com font
Resnooze email reminders email, reminder, service, widget
Get Google’s opinion on site safety browser, check, google, malware, site
Revisiting Dropbox and extra space for new users collaborate, dropbox, file, share, sync
5 tools to test site load speed benchmark, optimize, pingdom, site, test, yslow
Consolidating email accounts email, gmail, google, imap, rss-feeds
The way tech news should be done news, tech
How to check if port is open with YouGetSignal.com network, port
When services die and take your data with them backup, failure, service, sync
Are you prepared for computer meltdown? dropbox, feeddemon, newsgator, opera, portable, sync, troubleshoot
ClipNabber.com video download service bookmarklet, download, service, video, youtube
Flashblock for Opera adobe, css, flash, javascript, opera, plugin, tweak
1000 comments milestone blog, comment, comparison, milestone, traffic
tlbox.com – social bookmarking in disguise bookmark, link, social
No way out increases RSS productivity feeddemon, newsgator, opera, productivity, rss-feeds
Excellent programming cheat sheets from AddedBytes.com cheatsheet, programming, reference
Those who can do comparison
Web notetaking – research evolution or poor wiki spinoff? comparison, google, opera, skribit, wiki, wikidpad
Did you know Internet has an archive? archive, backup, google, wikipedia
Comodo Firewall and why you need one antivirus, firewall, freeware, malware, security
ClickHeat – free self-hosted clicks heat map analytics, php
Parting ways with Entrecard blog, entrecard, traffic, widget
Comic strips as ultimate form of tech humor comic, humor, office, xkcd
What makes good software portal comparison, download, filehippo, portal, snapfiles, softpedia
AcmeFiles.com – emerging (probably) software portal download, file, filehippo, portal
Six months blogging milestone blog, goal, milestone, traffic
Fennec – mobile Firefox with big ears browser, fennec, firefox, maemo, microb, mozilla, n810, nokia
Had blogging brought idols to Internet? blog
FeedMySearch.com turns googling into RSS google, rss-feeds, search
End of year digest 2008 digest
Parting ways with Woopra analytics, blog, java, woopra
frogstr.com – branding and marketing blog (jumpy) blog, marketing, review
Text smileys vs graphical ones comparison, skribit, text
How to encourage questions from readers notepadpp, question, skribit
My Internet goals for 2009 goal, group-writing
Twitter makes everything look 140 characters comparison, rss-feeds, twitter
LaptopVideo2go.com – resource on notebook drivers download, driver, forum, notebook
Constructing ultimate antispam solution comment, message, spam
Host your own p2p network with YnHub p2p, server, share
TechCult.com twists technology news blog, review, tech
Two things that make tech blogs awesome blog, list
NewsGator family of RSS readers feeddemon, mobile, newsgator, nokia, opml, rss-feeds, synchronize
Improving blog design in a smart way blog, bloggingtips, dailyblogtips, design, group-writing
10 things that make tech blogs unreadable blog, design, hype, list, tech
Blogging Idol voting blog, blogging-idol, contest, rss-feeds
Typealyzer.com – horoscope for web pages? analyze, blog, text
Different software from same developer – trust or not? comparison, search, trust
PostRank.com – new face of AideRSS feed analysis aiderss, postrank, rss-feeds
Why are you reading my RSS feed? blogging-idol, dailyblogtips, feedback, rss-feeds
Pattern-based RSS feeds from pages with Feed43 rss-feeds, scrape
External post about blog critique blog, bloggingtips, critique, design, external
“Follow me on Twitter” post (am I saying this right?) im, social, twitter
What makes web standard an actual standard css, flash, rss-feeds, torrent, xhtml
Nice2All.com – about WordPress with friendly attitude blog, nice2all, review
Blogging Idol 2 participation blog, blogging-idol, contest, rss-feeds
How antispam filters work filter, spam
New Skribit widget blog, feedback, skribit, suggestion, widget
Page2RSS – get web page changes in your RSS rss-feeds, scrape
Last free click from Google content, google, search
Why is spam better than spam-filter comment, message, server, service, spam
BlogBradding... I mean BradBlogging review blog, bradblogging, critique, review
Weeding dead RSS feeds with processing OPML am-deadlink, autoit, check, notepadpp, opml, rss-feeds
Three months blogging milestone blog, google, milestone, rss-feeds, traffic
Enabling new StumbleUpon features widget
Is Internet falling apart without us noticing? google, internet, network, traffic
Prize fund doubled for critique of this blog blog, bloggingtips, critique, review
OperaWatch.com – blog on rare topic browser, opera
Filling forms fast in Opera browser, notes, opera, snippet
Rarst is being critiqued blog, bloggingtips, critique, review
Using hash generated avatars blog, hash
What RSS feed really is rss-feeds, text, xml
Skribit introduces groups feature feature, skribit, widget
Sometimes bugs are tasty 125, entrecard
Recipe for engaging post blog, group-writing
9 things you should (should not) use in 125x125 slot 125, banner, entrecard, traffic
If browsers were umbrellas browser, chrome, firefox, internet-explorer, opera
Softpedia.com - all (really all) software portal portal, softpedia
Blog critique project at BloggingTips.com blog, bloggingtips, review
Google Chrome is not a browser browser, chrome, google
125x125 study in progress 125, banner, traffic
Interfacelift.com - home to awesome wallpapers eyecandy, interfacelift, wallpaper
Extendably.com - blog that looks beyond software core blog, ghacks, plugin
Measuring post popularity with AideRSS.com aiderss, google-reader, newsgator, postrank, productivity, rss-feeds, widget
Handling stream of online information bookmark, browser, email, information, news, productivity, rss-feeds
Engineering Windows 7 - ray of real news on OS future blog, microsoft, windows
RSS icon placement rss-feeds, subscribe
What is a blog? blog, group-writing
HTML validators and case of broken link comparison, html, validate, w3c, xhtml
Wakoopa.com - software habits gone public tracking, wakoopa
Websitegrader.com - SEO report for your blog report, seo
VirusTotal.com - thorough online antivirus scanner antivirus, virustotal
Update on Skribit widget feedback, skribit, widget
Skribit - readers' requests managing service for blogs feature, feedback, skribit, suggestion
SnapFiles.com - software portal with diverse layout download, portal, snapfiles
Confessions of a freeware junkie - what name says blog, freeware
Saving browsing bandwidth - is Opera alone enough? bandwidth, firefox, opera, proxy
FileHippo.com - slim software portal download, filehippo, portal, update
Lifehacker.com - always optimizing... something lifehacker
Optimizing blog with YSlow optimize, yahoo, yslow
The Portable Freeware Collection freeware, portable
www.freewaregenius.com - freeware dedicated blog blog, freewaregenius
www.NirSoft.net - impressive set of freeware utilities nirsoft
www.ghacks.net - recommended blog blog, ghacks
Sysinternals - freeware admin-related utilities set psexec, pskill, sysinternals