• Sounds interesting. Not the kind of thing you use everyday, but for serious stuff giving you booting problems it sounds really nice.

  • @Ben

    It makes sense for virus to have some survival features so plenty of them try to kill any antivirus they see. :) Removing HDD to scan it is good options if you have numerous computers around. But in other cases bootable solutions work best.

  • Gerald Gil Caliwag

    How can i boot it on a flash drive?

  • @Gerald Gil Caliwag

    I hadn’t tried that myself, see user manual for details.

  • Happy user

    Very good. Be ready for 4 or 6 hours of scanning but it is worth it.

  • @Happy user

    Seems bit too long… On other hand hard drives are large nowadays and with LiveCD there is no guarantee it uses hardware to the max.

  • wow 6 hours that’s long but i think it’s worth it when your get infected by virut virus, somehow i am not encountering problem because of comodo+antivurs blocking it but i know the virus still exist in my computer. When i remove comodo poof lots of error and virus appearing ^^

  • @jefrey

    I like Comodo firewall, but don’t have much trust in their antivirus (not their main area). Offline scan with livecd sounds like a good idea for your case.

  • @Rarst I’m about 2+ hours into a scan right now. It’s somewhere in the c:\Windows directory but has been for quite a while. It’s definitely one very slow scan. I sure hope it finds the buggers causing me hassle.

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