• Olt

    “Windows System Control Center” is a tool that incorporates Nirsoft and Sysinternals apps into one launcher. It can also work portably off an external drive. It also can check and download updates for the individual applications.

    The App can be found at http://www.kls-soft.com/wscc/

  • w1re

    I use Windows Control Center for this kind of functionality, it even brings its own console so that cmd-only programs can be executed very easily, is fully portable, has a favourites section and has a global search and update-function. includes Nirsoft and Sysinternals utilities…
    No loader though…. Free for private use. give it a whirl!

  • w1re

    oh, I had overlooked that in its newest version “WSCC Portable Edition is designed for use on the PortableApps.com Platform.” and “WSCC U3 Edition is designed for use on the U3 smart drives and integrates itself into the U3 launchpad.”

    So it seems that it can be integrated in the launchers of those platforms if those are your cup of tea

  • @Olt @w1re

    Thanks for suggestion (in unison on top). :) Bookmarked to check out.

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