• kingpin

    Hey about DNS Jumper,care to give it try.New version is available but it’s not working on win7 so try v1.02.
    Here the link:


    What do u think?

  • @kingpin

    I saw the mentions around, but since my DNS settings are managed by router it is of little use.

  • Saurabh

    I have been using OpenDNS for a long time and will continue using it for its security features but I was a little surprised to find my ISP DNS server much faster than OpenDNS , Google dns and the others. Looks like the big guys don’t see any point in setting servers near our region (India).

  • @Saurabh

    Guess most of these are US-based… Even if they have servers spread it’s not always easy to determine precise location and best server fit for specific location.

  • Golden Code

    Hi! Google has very easy to remember DNS IP addresses: and It’s very helpful when your DNS suddenly stops working:)

  • @Golden Code

    Good point! :) Can indeed come handy if DNS suddenly bites the dust but connection itself works. On other hand there are two fields for DNS for exactly this reason – so you can input different servers from the start.

    PS Google just likes to show off, aren’t they :)

  • I’m coming back to this article several times via Google (keyword: rarst check dns), all just because I couldn’t locate it on my computer and I don’t remember its name. Damn.

  • @Vincent

    Good we have Google for that. :)

  • […] claims to speed up your internet experience and improve security—so which to choose?Rarst suggested two tools to test which DNS server has the best performance for you, namely namebench and DNS […]

  • Nime

    @echo off

    REM //NSLOOKUP batch check utility v1.0
    REM //Author: Emin Akbulut eminakbulut@gmail.com
    REM //Date: 03 June 2010
    REM //This code is freeware
    REM //Usage: Modify the DNS and host lists below, at line 23, then simply run the batch file.

    SET timeout=5

    IF “%1” == “/check” GOTO loopit

    if exist %0.log del %0.log > nul %2>nul
    if exist %0.bat.log del %0.bat.log > nul %2>nul
    echo —————————————
    echo Starting… %date% %time:~0,8%
    echo —————————————
    echo Report created on %date% %time:~0,8% >> %0.log
    REM %%A for DNS Servers list, %%B for target hosts to be checked
    FOR %%A IN ( DO FOR %%B IN (google.com yourdomain.com mail.yourdomain.com) DO CALL %0 /check %%A %%B

    echo ————————————— >> %0.log
    echo —————————————
    echo Done. Press any key to examine the log file…
    Pause > nul
    start notepad “%~0.log”
    GOTO done

    echo ————————————— >> %0.log
    echo nslookup %3 %2
    echo nslookup %3 %2 >> %0.log
    nslookup -timeout=%timeout% %3 %2 >> %0.log 2>nul


  • @Nime

    Yay, command line scripts ftw. :) Saved to try later, thanks for sharing!

  • @velociraptor

    Thanks for update on this! I am (still) on router myself, but might be of use to others.

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