• JeeMan

    Great review Rarst, glad I could be of some sort of help. I’ll check out the other links you gave, look interesting.

    And by the way, TkSQLite rocks! ;)

  • @JeeMan

    Thanks for excellent comment and suggestions. :) I am sticking with SQLite Expert for now – powerful enough but still newbie-friendly.

  • @NMD

    Thanks for suggestion, bookmarked to check it out. :)

  • lame

    no dates?

  • Nicolas

    same question: no dates?

    dates of when all this has been written. am i reading info that is 5 years old or should i consider this recent.

    good review though!

  • @Nicolas

    This one is on older side… I know my dates approach is little controversial, but no immediate plans to revisit it before I start work on new theme for the blog. :)

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