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anysql_maestro_icon App has bit of background on this blog already, first suggested by keith in SQLite Expert review and from there it made into reader-suggested SQLite tools digest.

In the end I had never used it for SQLite but I revisited it this week, cornered with huge bulk of data split between Active Directory, MS SQL, MySQL, Excel spreadsheets and even some plain text… Mess. Idea of universal database tool was suddenly very compelling.

What it does

AnySQL Maestro is general purpose database manager tool. Instead of working with specific kind of database (like many tools do) it is designed to work through ODBC and OLE DB drivers. It will connect to any database that has such driver.


I won’t call interface cluttered – all those function need to fit somewhere. Still it is much better to use on large widescreen monitor.

Initial setup

What stumped me first time was very unfriendly welcome with prompt to provide connection string for database access. Since I had no idea what connection string is at the time that pretty much concluded first acquaintance with app.

Since then I had found ConnectionStrings.com – excellent reference for those. After that AnySQL Maestro setup started to make sense.

Strong features

Aside from whole connect-to-anything concept, app is packed full of powerful features including (but not limited to):

  • visual query and table editors;
  • data analysis and diagram building;
  • import and export with support of numerous formats.

Weak spots

While it was cool to hook giant Excel spreadsheet and go all SQL on it, it was also relatively wild ride. Most of issues came from using visual tools with AnySQL Maestro generating queries it refused to run. Most where inaccurate formats for table and field names.

It required making manual corrections to syntax or rewriting queries for scratch.


AnySQL Maestro is powerful freeware software with functions, design and polish typical for professional commercial apps. However in context of broad lineup of specialized database products by same developers and lack of updates it is clear that it is designated technology demo rather than flagship product.

Home http://www.sqlmaestro.com/products/anysql/maestro/

Download http://www.sqlmaestro.com/products/anysql/maestro/download/

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  • dffg #

    "it is designated technology demo rather than flagship product" You are absolutely right, did you try latest 9.8 update? Free version is now crippled, see http://www.sqlmaestro.com/products/anysql/maestro/free_vs_pro/ I will not be using this anymore, besides it's too sloooooooooooow.
  • Rarst #

    @dffg I missed that update. Thanks for bringing it up! Import/export gone from free version. :( Completely sucks. It is probably most wanted features from such tool. Anyway their business choice, those who need it enough will pay and rest will move on. As for speed that is ODBC fault. Price of great compatibility.