• Will definitely use it. my startup is full of crap. need to remove lot of unnecessary things.

  • @Nihar

    Just be careful, it’s really easy to break Windows by killing important stuff in startup. I generally stick to top of AutoRuns list and sometimes clean out missing drivers.

  • Hehe… if you had Vista it has better startup managment with much of the above =P

  • @Josh

    If I had Vista slow startup would be least of my performance worries. :) Personally I don’t turn computer of, I am mostly using AutoRuns for troubleshooting and cleanup at work.

  • Vista is actually great for never turning off… no longer any need to reset like XP…

  • @Josh

    XP has need for reset? News for me.

    And don’t start on Vista, we are on my homeground this time. :)

  • if you only want to edit the startup program, i’m prefer using

    [Windows]+[R] –> type ‘msconfig’ (without quote) –> select ‘starup’ tab

    uncheck unnecesary program.. be carefull you must know what you do.. :D

  • @hariscorner

    Msconfig is nice for fast changes but it is not comprehensive (doesn’t show plenty of ways apps can be set to auto-start). Also it can only disable entries, not remove them completely.

    If I can I will always just use Autoruns.

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