• The software certainly looks pretty (looks identical to WMP). Gonna give it a try. But to be honest the only software that I really trust is SpinRite. Its the grand dady of all HD tools and is still the best by far for diagnostics as well as repair.

    For SMART I use CrystalDiskInfo (those guys have a separate tool called CrystalDiskMark for benchmark).

  • @Pallab

    Spinrite is powerful stuff but no longer developed and relatively (especially relatively to free :) expensive. MHDD does similar stuff but is free, need to do a post on it as well.

    As for HDDScan it is simple way to test surface right under Windows, a lot of folks need and ask for just that.

    I’ve tried CrystalDiskInfo but constant minor updates, alphas, betas, whatever annoy me a little. :)

  • We have released a new version of HDDScan – v.3.3.

    This version includes Windows 7 and Vista support and works with SSD!

    Thank you for great article and feel free to visit HDDScan.com to get a new version :)

    All the best,
    Dmitri (project admin)

  • @HDDScan

    Thanks for heads up, bookmarked new version to check out and Appnewsed it.

  • bob blankenship

    Can’t get HDDScan to run on Win7 x64

  • bob blankenship

    compatibility mode solved problem

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