Install or update K-Lite media codecs in single click

klite_icon As I mentioned in recent post about organizing setup packages one of my current goals is to simplify install routines. It is often easy to do with command line keys that force package into default install without asking anything.

With K-Lite Codec Pack I discovered it is even more convenient than that.

Generate unattended settings

K-Lite allows to choose settings that will be used for silent install. For such setup you have to run original setup package with command line argument:

K-LiteCodecPack510Full.exe –MakeUnattended



This will launch setup routine, similar to usual one, except that nothing will actually be installed.


After you are done there will be two additional files created in same directory klcpf.ini and klcpf.bat (names may be different for another package, I use Full).

INI file stores settings you chose and BAT file launches original setup package in silent mode, using selected settings. For newer setup packages BAT files will need to be edited to use new file name.


Since codecs are both regularly updated component and one easy to mess up (by installing too little or too much) configuring setup once is huge timesaver. Wish I looked into it few years earlier. :)

Link http://www.codecguide.com/silentinstall.htm

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  • James #

    Hi, this is totally off-topic, nothing about single-click installation etc etc. off topic post here. but its about codecs. you can try http://www.cccp-project.net/ its mainly for ppl into anime, since many fan-subs have different codec formats. its a all in one package, "insurgent" allows you to view all currently installed codecs. James
  • Rarst #

    @James many fan-subs have different codec formats. Misleading. Fansubs tend to use advanced formats, but nothing different about them. K-Lite handles anime just fine.