• Good stuff buddy. This article caught my attention as I’m getting into video blogging. I could use it if I ever need to integrate something from a youtube video in one of my video for whatever reason. Most video editing software have no problems with avi (while I’m not to sure about flv) and that’s usually what I convert my videos to so it’s good.

  • @Ben

    Yeah, that’s exactly what my friend needed converter for. :)

  • Well, if opening a flv file is the problem, just get the VLC player and you’ll be able play them. Converting media files nearly always results in quality loss.

  • @Ky

    Opening file to watch it and opening it to edit are very different things. :)

  • Toni

    K-Lite codec pack (see the review on this site) is also an option for playing flv and other formats, without installing another mediaplayer. I use it and it makes Windows Mediaplayer eat anything.

  • @Toni

    Yeah, I like K-Lite a lot. :) VLC player is nice as well. But they are both software solutions that must be installed.

    Video converters are more often used to make video compatible with non-Windows devices – DVD players, mobile phones, tablets, etc.

  • This program is ok, I have been using VideoGet for a while for downloading and converting movies, I recommend it.

  • @Peter

    Googled that one, seems shareware-only. There are so many such apps around I see little reason to go for payware (for my needs).

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