MySQL Query Browser – native tool for databases

mysql_query_browser_icon Today I’ve been thinking what to write about, since one evening is not enough for doing large post on spam I’ve been procrastinating with.

So here is post about one of the apps I am going to use to process data for that post (when I get to it) – MySQL Query Browser. Part of MySQL GUI Tools – native toolkit from Sun for managing MySQL databases.

What it does

Query browser allows to make connection to local or remote MySQL databases and run queries on it.


Interface is little rough, but functional. Stuff is separated in clearly distinct zones and queries area has tabbed interface.

Connection setup

On run app asks for usual connection details, such as server name and login credentials. Default schema may be tricky to figure out and easiest way to leave it blank and fill later (you get warning for that but it will work anyway).



There is also issue of server side permissions. This is case by case, with generic ones being:

  • anything goes, server takes any request (if your hosting has such then it is time to bail);
  • server requires configuration to allow remote connections, for hosting this may be defined in control panel (like cPanel), for other cases you might have to setup permissions yourself (out of post scope);
  • server is compiled to take only local request, unless it runs on same computer you won’t be able to connect.

Strong features

  • native tool that doesn’t need intermediary drivers (like AnySQL Maestro does);
  • as result – good performance;
  • some import and multiply export capabilities;
  • embedded documentation for MySQL syntax and functions.


Only thing I found inconvenient so far – no internal manager for queries. They can only be saved as external plain text files. Makes hard to manage large amount of those, but perfect to hook queries into AutoIt (who wants post on using MySQL in AutoIt btw?).


While it is hardly flashy, Query Browser is native, cross-platform and open source tool that works without installation. It doesn’t come with more complex visual functions but is just fine for writing queries, running them and exporting results.

Home&download http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/gui-tools/5.0.html

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  • rvdmast #

    (who wants post on using MySQL in AutoIt btw?) Yeah, i do. I use both to create scripts that read from a local MySQL server, would be interested to know how you go about it.
  • Rarst #

    @rvdmast Sorry, my Internet was broken over weekend so took me a while to approve your comment. Will do that post, stay tuned! :)