• another good alternative for samurize is rainmeter. I think rainmeter is much more easy to use. Just my opinion. Nice share pal.

  • @macobex

    Heard about that few times but never got to trying it. :) I think Samurize is quite easy but only after initial “what the heck does what” stage in editor.

  • I use samurize to keep up with the temperature outside, my battery level and the date.

    I used to do a lot more with it, but it used up more RAM than I liked and all the bells & whistles weren’t necessary for me anyway.

    Using it on the taskbar like this takes up very little resources and I don’t have to see any of my desktop for it to be useful.

  • @Nick

    Even more minimalistic setup. :) We need someone flashy all over desktop for balance.

    Nice tray btw, I keep my under control but it is still packed full of stuff all the time.

  • I’ve been using it for bloated sysmeters on my desktop, nowadays I’m into more minimalistic stuff like this:


    Samurize is the 14px bottom bar. (I’m proud of the 1px orange progressbars, but those are the downmost pixels, they can be hardly seen unless you watch it over a black bacground. In reality the thin black border of my TFT does the trick.)
    Also samurize has a taskbar client, upper right next to mí start button. I use it to switch virtual desktops (there’s a great samurize plugin for the VirtuaWin virtual desktop manager), open folders and control winamp/kmplayer).
    Also Samurize puts that big translucent time/date on my desktop.

    About resource usage: This setup consumes 4.5 MB of RAM with only 0%-2% of the CPU cycles, while Vista sidebar sets you back over 60MB.

  • @szekelya

    Nice setup, polished and pretty unlike mine. :) Excellent use of thin 1px bars indeed.

    Thanks for sharing!

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