• Ha, ha, ha. Just goes to prove that there is no cure for stupidity.

  • @Lyndi

    Well, it’s only mild case off boss being boss. There are worse things that can happen in IT. :)

  • Man, IT is really full of horror story. I’m a computer engineer so I heard a lot of similar stories. Are you in IT Rarst?

  • @Ben

    >Are you in IT Rarst?

    That isn’t obvious?.. lol. I have to work on my geek image. :)

  • How the hell did he become the boss, anyway?

  • @nazham

    Becoming boss ever had anything to do with IT skills? :)

    Welcome to blog and thanks for commenting.

  • @Rarst: That wasn’t that obvious, even if I suspected it ;) Work on that geek image a little bit hehe

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