NetWorx – free portable network traffic monitor

networx_icon I had this one bookmarked to test for a while since post on NetWorx at ghacks, then Jonny had mentioned it in comments under my post about NetLimiter and finally Rick had made post on NetWorx as well.

I deemed unwise to ignore it any longer so here is NetWorx traffic monitor review. :)

What it does

NetWorx is traffic monitor tailored to evaluate and control bandwidth consumption. It takes note of traffic passing through computer overall or through specific network connection, displays current dynamics



and provides multiply long-term reports



NetWorx is developed by SoftPerfect, same company that offers Network Scanner I had reviewed in the past.

Strong features

  • flexible quota and notification system to warn about consuming too much traffic;
  • customizable floating indicator;
  • multiply report export options (Excel, Word, HTML, text, CSV);
  • separating traffic by user accounts;
  • internal ping, trace route and netstat utilities.

Needs and wants

Huge gaping hole in set of function is that NetWorx is completely oblivious of applications. It shows how much traffic is used (good for control) but has no clue how and what consumes it (effectively makes it useless for looking into it).


Excellent and completely portable monitor but with rather narrow focus. Would fit perfectly for people that need to stay under traffic limit but for precise reports and diagnostics NetLimiter beats it by large margin.

Home&download http://www.softperfect.com/products/networx/

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  • Donace | TheNexus #

    Looks interesting, have been meaning to look for a more detailed tool to replace 'DUMeter' which I use at the mo. The Nexus - Feed Your Brain
  • Rarst #

    @Donace I am fine with using NetLimiter but this one is good to have around for it is portable. :)
  • Rick #

    @Rarst, Nice comparison review between Networx and Netlimiter... Will definitely be looking at Netlimiter; however, want to keep monitoring the development of Networx. I have noticed they are frequently enhancing it to make it better. Maybe they will take a look at what your assessment is...
  • Rarst #

    @Rick Who knows. :) I think NetLimiter is pretty unique among network monitors in slicing traffic per app. And it might be too hard to implement while keeping app portable.
  • Jonny #

    Thanks for the mention Rarst, I see all connections with my firewall (comodo) more or less so use this to monitor speed and interwebs usage only. Cool app!
  • Rarst #

    @Jonny No problem. :) Comodo is good at many things but connection monitor is hardly one of them. TCPView and CurrPorts so own all alternatives for that.
  • Bitstar #

    I have when a software sais it works on windows 2003 server and when I install it I find out that it works, but you need to stay logged in with an active session. Who the hell would stay logged on a server just to keep it running. It's crap software. Didn't they hear of windows services? Right now I'm still looking for a freeware app to do this but work in a server environment, without asking me to stay logged in :) Pls let me know if you know such an app.
  • Rarst #

    @Bitstar First absolutely most of software works in session, you are being unfair calling crap on that. :) NetLimiter installs as service but I hadn't tested it in server environment. Drop a comment if it fits your needs and if not I am sure we'll find something. :)
  • Bitstar #

    It's not unfair at all if it's traffic monitoring tool. Is it too much to expect of such an application (that also claims to work on windows 2003 server too) to work without me being logged on 24 hours a day? Besides, from a developer's point of view (i'm a developer) implementing a windows service is trivial. If you do something, do it right from the beginning. Finally I did find an application that works ok as a service (Prtg Traffic Grapher 6.0). The only thing i dislike about it is the reporting (can't select a period on the calendar). NetWorx's interface is a lot more intuitive.
  • Rarst #

    @Bitstar It’s not unfair at all if it’s traffic monitoring tool It is consumer grade traffic monitoring tool that is targeted at those who have traffic limit and is portable. Personally I consider crap when software claims portable but installs service in the system. Bandwidth is not always about servers, sometimes it is about notebook on 3g connection or whatever. :)
  • Bitstar #

    Making a software portable just so you don't have to press uninstall when you are done with it is just an excuse to get away with inferior software that is much easier to make. A windows service can be removed just as easily as it was created. The uninstaller should gracefully handle that. What exactly do you gain with a portable traffic monitoring tool other then easy uninstalling when your isp removes your traffic limit? I don't know...but I know what you don't get :P Besides...networkx had to be installed so there goes the portability excuse :)
  • Rarst #

    @Bitstar Some people (me included) hate to mess with install and uninstall. :) From portable I get to run tool from flashdrive and instantly see how is traffic consumed. I get tool that runs on any PC with any degree of user rights. networkx had to be installed There are two downloads provided by developer, one for installer lovers and other simply archive. :)
  • Question about Uploading. - Overclock.net - Overclocking.net #

    [...] about Uploading. I have Networx installed to monitor my total network activity each month as to make sure I don't pass my limit. [...]
  • Allan #

    I see all connections with my firewall (comodo) more or less so use this to monitor speed and interwebs usage only. Cool app!
  • Rarst #

    @Allan Yep, Comodo is my firewall of choice. It definitely could be a little better about counting traffic - those percentages in dashboard are often weird and it holds no history about traffic usage. Anyway it is a firewall after all and good one at that. :)

    So does Networx install also as a service? I know Netlimiter installs as a service, but how about Networx? I tried Netlimiter but couldn't figure out how to set a total quota, but with Networx its a snap, and you can check a checkbox as well to ingore local traffic. But does it run as a service, or do I have to actually be logged in at a desktop with it running in the traybar for it to do its job?
  • Rarst #

    @CHOPPERGIRL Yep, as discussed in comments above it's not really designed for that. It's a tool for home user, rather than administrator.