DriveLetterView helps make sense of disk letters

driveletterview_icon The drive letters are curious remnant of times when it was about distinguishing between two things and A/B seemed like natural choice. Nowadays enough letters can be used to seem fun (in a sad confused way) and there are some undercurrent issues in assigning them that is only obvious to seasoned power users. Ever seen Windows installed to drive H? Not pretty.

DriveLetterView is new utility from Nirsoft that lists all drive letter assignments (for active or inactive devices either) and allows to manipulate them.

What it does

If you’ve seen one Nirsoft app – you’ve seen one interface they use. Columns, columns with useful information, columns with not so useful information, columns…


App displays all drive letters with known assignments (yes, including that gadget from couple years back) plus obvious (like human-readable name of hardware) and unobvious (not so readable hardware ids) bits of information.

Strong features

The overview of letters is comprehensive. Seeing disconnected devices is especially useful – more convenient to plan letter assignments if you see existing, but not currently active things.

Drive letters can be quickly changed by context menu option or F9 hotkey.


App seems to be unaware that having no letter assigned is perfectly legit state in Windows. Devices without assigned letter are ignored and you can’t delete letters of active devices, except by editing it to use nothing (which kinda works but throws an error).


Rare case of Nirsoft utility coming a little short on functionality. I hope it will get more comprehensive in future versions, for now it is cute but not useful enough.

Home&download http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/drive_letter_view.html

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