Easy Internet connection sharing with AnalogX Proxy

analogx_proxy_icon As number of computers (and similar devices) in household increases providing them all with piece of Internet may become an issue. Best case – some sort of router and bunch of happy computers. Usual case – local network where one computer has Internet and rest don’t.

AnalogX Proxy is slim and easy to setup proxy server for sharing access to Internet across LAN.

What it does

App is proxy server that runs on computer with Internet access and acts as gate from local network to Internet. Proxy servers are supported by most of network-capable applications and you had probably been bugged more than once with “do you use proxy server” question.

Ease of setup

There are plenty of proxy servers available. A lot of those have sophisticated setups and additional features, but not this one.


App just works:

  • launch it;
  • press buttons for protocols you want to enable;
  • write local IP of computer proxy is running on in Proxy Binding field (prevents connections to proxy from Internet).

That is it for server setup, for clients it is per application basis. Documentation coming with Proxy has thorough instructions and list of ports to use.


App is somewhat feature-light comparing to array of functions proxy servers are usually expected to have (authentication, caching, etc). However it has almost instant setup and is excellent choice for home network.

Home&download http://www.analogx.com/contents/download/network/proxy.htm

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  • WOW! Are they still making apps?

  • @appsbyaaron

    I don’t think so, but site seems maintained. Not much changes in networking so old utilities serve just fine. :)

  • Well the demand of proxies will keep increasing day by day. Nice article by the way!

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