AnalogX LinkExaminer – flexible link spider

link_examiner_icon This post is bit overdue, because I actually participated in closed beta test for this app in April. It had since reached release version and I got to it today (wonders of mailbox cleaning).

LinkExaminer is site crawler that checks links and provides various statistical data for content.

What it does

App starts with single initial URL and proceeds to crawl pages linked from it. Results refresh in real time and are presented in classic multi-column interface with color coding.


Crawl process is controlled by settings and can be customized for such parameters as:

  • depth;
  • exclusions;
  • abiding robots.txt and nofollow attribute;
  • skipping graphics;
  • and more.

Strong features

LinkExaminer scan is quite snappy, on this blog it averaged ~10 links per second. Interface is also very responsive, even when filled with thousand of links.

Interesting aspect is that aside from general link check app also offers some insight into SEO. It will check some basic factors like meta tags and title length, as well as give easy way to see inbound and outbound links for any page.


There are several export options.

  • plain text list of links;
  • CSV of all data currently shown (aware of filters and sort);
  • XML in sitemap format;
  • detailed HTML report.

HTML report is especially interesting and offers plenty of information, not actually presented in interface. It can highlight many things, including:

  • overly large images (found few pages where I clearly screwed up with choosing image compression) and slow pages;
  • summaries for HTTP codes and content types.

HTML report can also be completely customized with template and auto-generated after scan.


Flexible crawler that surpasses usual link checking and expands into SEO area. Quick scans and interface that makes it easy to interpret results.

Home&download http://analogx.com/contents/download/Network/lnkexam/Freeware.htm

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  • Ishan@ILoveFreeSoftware #

    This is a cool software. I will give it a try on my website, and see how it performs.
  • Rarst #

    @Ishan Glad you like it. :) btw my anti-spam filters are really unhappy about excessive linking in comments. Please behave.
  • Ishan@ILoveFreeSoftware #

    "Excessive Linking" I don't agree. That was the first and only link that I had put in comments.
  • Rarst #

    @Ishan 29% of spam comments link to same site in author field and comment content. Less than 1% of legit comments do. For home page link there is whole separate field in form. What's the point in repeating it? :)
  • Ishan@ILoveFreeSoftware #

    Completely agree to this statistic - have seen a lot of this in my website too.
  • Verify Links With AnalogX LinkExaminer #

    [...] Rarst reviewed the program AnalogX LinkExaminer yesterday which can verify all or only some of the links that are present on a domain. It starts by entering the main domain name or starting path. Several inclusion and exclusion filters are available to include or exclude links and parts of the website. It is for example possible to exclude external links completely or prevent that links with a certain phrase (e.g. tag or archive) are analysed by the software program. It is furthermore possible to use nofollow and robots.txt information. [...]
  • Donace #

    Sweet I've been using a web based app to do this; whill give this a whirl as well.
  • Rarst #

    @Donace I mostly stick with Google Webmasters tools - they do catch newish broken links. But for full site scan nothing beats software spider like this one.
  • Shoffy #

    One thing I noticed on .Net site is the __EVENTVALIDATION and __VIEWSTATE information is being appended to URLs. Is there a way to stop this from happening?
  • Rarst #

    @Shoffy You mean when spidering with this app? I have no idea, would be better to address that question to developer.